Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show Some Love to a Brand New Book: Book Review, The Unfaithful Widow

The Unfaithful Widow

After nearly twenty years of marriage to her high school sweetheart, Tess Malone thought she married the perfect guy. When Darren dies in a horrific car accident, Tess soon learns that her marriage wasn't so perfect after all. On an unexpected trip to New York, she discovers that her late husband had been living a double life. Bitter and heartbroken, Tess and her best friend hit the clubs in NY, where she literally falls into the arms of a young prince charmer name Greg Thomas. Will Greg's charming, seductive smiles and romantic French quotes be enough to open her heart to love again? Or will he, too, shatter what's is left of it?

Wow! That was my first thought when I finished The Unfaithful Widow.  In fact I read this book in two hours. I probably could have finished it less time if I didn't have to keep stopping. (That whole children and dinner thing got in the way.) Ms. Wilsoncroft takes a story that could have been run of the mill fairy tale and takes it to new heights. An unexpected plot line takes center stage in the first chapter and sets the stage for a fast moving, emotionally charged, and sexy love story.  When I finished it I found myself believing that Prince Charming just might really exists. 

When Tess's husband of twenty years is killed in a horrific car accident she finds herself in New York with her best friend. Trying to figure out the mystery of a unknown piece of property. She also finds out her husband, her high school sweet heart, has been hiding a double life for most, if not all of their marriage. Hindered by years of feeling alone Tess questions everything around her. Until she falls in the arms of Greg. 

What she finds in Greg is the chance to love again. But Greg is hiding secrets of his own. Besides their age difference Tess is faced with the reality that Greg is royalty. She finds herself not only with the task of learning to trust her heart again, but with questioning all she thought she had lived the past twenty years. Will Tess's grief and need for revenge cloud her feelings for Greg?  Is it too soon to love again? Will she let secrets come between them, or will she let herself fall for her true soul mate? 

It is so hard not to give away the rest of the plot twists of this engaging book.  Because trust me, it takes turns you never expect. But it all works magically.  Just like with her previous work, Remembering Zane, I wanted to run out and make everyone read this book.  My personal feeling is that Jamie Wilsoncroft is going to be a force to reckon with in the romance world.  Her books take us on emotional journeys and make us believe.  In a genre that runs the risk of overdone plot lines, she manages to bring surprises and twists that feel natural.  Her originality is refreshing.  This book is amazing. I would love for you to check it out and show Jamie, and all our other fellow indie authors, the love it deserves.  

Ms. Wilsoncroft is also the author of the novella Remembering ZaneThe Unfaithful  Widow releases today and can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other on line retailers. J.S Wilsoncrofts' Goodreads page  is :