Saturday, April 14, 2012

That Rare Time When I Don't Like a Book

There are times, granted not very often, when I come across a book I just can't finish. It may have looked good. The cover blurb may have intrigued me. And than, I can't even get through the first chapter. I don't like to leave a book. But sometimes I just can't find something to keep me in the story.

I am sad to say this happened to me this week. I finished two other books, (reviews will be posted) and clicked on over on my Kindle to The Vampire Hunter's Daughter.  Well, ten pages into it I decided it wasn't for me. I can't even give you a honest review because I don't feel I read enough. But I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it was too YA, the plot was overly simple and stated in the few pages. The POV was first person, but felt awkward. I wanted to like it. But alas, I couldn't keep on.

When I come across a book I don't like it makes me feel bad. I always say everybody has a story to be told and every author's book is their baby. You might like it. For me it wasn't filling a need.   So I am off to start another book, can't even count this one toward my challenge. (I was very conservative setting up my goal on that. And I am really trying to go over my target.)  So even though I feel so very bad, this one I have to leave back on the shelf.

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