Thursday, May 3, 2012

I really need to blog more. To write more in general. I know I am slacking and my followers want more content, more stories, more writing. Well I need to get off my butt. The last few weeks every time I sit at my desk I find myself answering emails and goofing around on social media. (Damn you Twitter and Facebook!!)  The good thing about that is I have made some connections, and possibly a great new Mommy friend in the world of ASD. (We are going to dinner tomorrow.) The bad things? Lack of blog content and new pages to the novel.

It is no secret that D takes up a lot of my time. He has had some great days lately. But still this week we had a major melt down. I am still not really sure what set it off.  I know his friend A is leaving the school at the end of the year. (His only friend really.) The day of the melt down they were talking about moving in class. Something we also had to do twice in the last year. So I am thinking therein lies my answer. Today he went on a field trip to the State House in Boston. So last night he was a little off kilter with the excitement of that. I have to admit I was off kilter with that too. First big field trip without me. I spent most of the day praying he was OK and didn't wonder off from the class. He did great! He came home filled with tales from the trip and loving the bus ride. That my friends was a major accomplishment. (Although he remarked how Mrs. P kept asking him if he was OK and "still with them". God Bless Mrs. P!)

The days and weeks have been flying. (Is it really the first week of May?) The school year is winding down. Than I realize my oldest will be in Junior High next year, and I keep wondering how that is possible. Feels like only yesterday I was sending him off to kindergarten.

The struggle continues to hold up my marriage with the financial and emotional treadmills we find ourselves on. Some days I don't even think it is worth it. When I am trying to scrape us by and he insists on buying a tractor. When we don't have a yard anymore! I guess we all cope our own ways.

So there lies the update in a nut shell. I do have two major blog tours this month. On the 18th I will be a stop for M.C. Rae's book Tallis. A YA supernatural tale. And on the 30th I will be one of the final stops for Novel Publicity's Blog tour of Charlinder's Walk. A awesome book by Alyson Miers that I am having a hard time putting down.  I promise I will try and post more regularly.  Now I have to go read......

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