Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Quick Questions

Remembering Zane

Today I have an interview with my friend J.S. Wilsoncroft author of Remembering Zane. Remembering Zane was re- released this month with new content and three new chapters. I thought you couldn't improve on something that great to begin with. But boy did she! The New Zane will hold you even more spellbound. I will have my new review up this weekend, but first wanted you guys to get to know Jamie a little better. She recently signed with Write More Publications, who are just spectacular for Indie authors. The quality of stuff coming out of Write More is amazing.  So check this out, and check out Remembering Zane, as well as her other great books The Unfaithful Widow and Fat Chances. 

Me: Do you remember the first time you sat down and really wrote something. Was writing always on your mind?  

Jamie: Oh my gosh, it was about six years ago with my first story called Roller Coaster Love. I never published it (yet) because it was my first story and it was horribly written. lol It needs ALOT of TLC!!!  No, I never thought that I would ever become an author. Me being a dog groomer seemed more fitting, but I do love writing.

Me: Are you a plotter, or do you write by "the seat of your pants". 

Jamie: I write by the seat of my wide ass pants. I usually come up with a little story and once I sit down and start writing...everything else just falls into place. I have never written an outline for any of my stories. Go figure, huh.

Me: Your books are so real and heart felt, the characters could be our friends. In fact reading Fat Chances I felt like you were inside my head.  Any real life inspirations for your characters?

 Jamie: Awww thank you so much. I've always been overweight, so I'm familiar with alot of the insecurities. As for the Cory the Zumba instructor...he's purely fictional. (Dammit) hehehehe.  Although, I did used to have a black cocker spaniel name Annie. She was my first 'baby' girl.

Me: This is the second time I had the pleasure of reading Remembering Zane. What factored in the decision to re-release it with the new content? 

 Jamie: Well...I switched to a different publisher. My new publisher Write More Publications came to me and ask if I could write three more chapters so that we could make it into paperback as well. I said, "HELL YEAH!"  I love Remembering Zane and the characters Bonnie and Jon. So bringing them back alive for a few more chapters was a treat. A hot fudge sundae with whip cream, nuts and cherries kind of treat. Hehehe.  Oh great! Now I'm hungry for a hot fudge sundae. Dang!!!

Me: Can you tell us some more about Write More Publications. They seem to be a great resource for Indie Writers.

 Jamie:  Oh my gosh!!! Write More Publications is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am so happy to be working with Theresa Oliver. She made everything so easy and enjoyable. Even the stress of editing wasn't stressful. Write More Publications encourages new writers to submit to her. So if you have a great story, send it to Write More Publications. She is always looking for new writers and exciting stories. :)

There you have it. Jamie is warm, funny, and a brilliant writer. I look forward to great things from her. I want to thank Jamie very much for her support of my blog, and the advance copy I received of the NEW Remembering Zane. 

You can find Write More Publications on their web site by clicking the link above and check out their Facebook page. J.S. Wilsoncroft can be found on Goodreads, Amazon and Facebook. She is the author of heartfelt contemporary romance that will leave you wanting more. She lives in Pennsylvania with her hubby, two children, and 3 dogs. She is a professional dog groomer by day and a writer by night.

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