Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have been a little quiet the past week here on the blog. I took the boys to the beach for the fourth of July and we had a great time. Spending time with great friends and hanging out. The best thing is their little boy is also on the spectrum, so there was no expectations and no demands. We were free to be our crazy, schedule following, pack the never ending supply of pop tarts selves. And D did awesome. He got along with the other kids, there were minimal problems with his brother, and he had his listening ears on. 

In fact I even got to do a few things I wanted to. Such as go into Gloucester and see some of the memorials

Summer time can be hard for our kids on the spectrum. The change in routine, the schedule being thrown to the wind, even the very thought of vacation itself can be tough. The uncertainty of new surroundings, packing your things, choosing what to pack, all can be very anxiety producing for our little guys. I have to admit this was the first vacation that D really enjoyed. He loved the ocean. Never wanted to leave it. In fact going home was the hardest part for him. (He even forgot that the first night he wanted to go home!) We take things for granted a lot. Those few days I was able to stop and relax. Take in the sights. Enjoy watching my boys play. Of course this scene from our living room didn't hurt either. 

I would have no problem waking up to that every day! New England at it's best. 

So if I am posting a little less these days it's because I am working on the book and spending time with the boys. 4H fair season is kicking into full swing, this past week was a crunch to bring in the hay, and the farm is calling to me more and more.  Enjoying summer for all it's worth. 

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