Monday, August 13, 2012

If I'm Dreaming I Don't Want to Wake Up....

I have been writing since I was seven. I have notebooks and diaries saved that can prove it to you. It has always been my salvation, my way to express myself. Even if I am the only one who ever read it. And going back and reading things you wrote years before can be cathartic, and on the flip side depressing. You either see how far you have progressed as a writer, and as a person, or you see that you haven't really moved that far ahead. If you are lucky you are the former.

I always harbored the fantasy somewhere in the back of my mind that I could be published. I submitted to local magazines and newspapers. Had a few things show up here and there, but for a long time I didn't write. Early in my marriage I worked too much. Than I had kids. Than my father was sick. The excuses were many. Than came October 2009, I lost my job of 16 years. My marriage was falling apart and my son was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder, which is on the autistic spectrum. And like so many other Americans caught in the same way, I was loosing my house to foreclosure. The only control I had was to write. I found a job as a substitute teacher and started this blog. Writing everything out was the medicine I needed.

Early in 2010 I got into reviewing books and blog tours. The blog kind of started to evolve and I was coming into contact with a lot of indie writers. I "met" Emlyn Chand at Novel Publicity and she lit a fire under me. She gave me a chance, some work, and some much needed distraction. Around that time I started "Hunting the Moon." It started with the vision I had of someone watching a women as she wondered in a grave yard. But not just any grave yard. One that I had been hearing stories about since I was a kid. I kept writing. Every spare moment I had, which was not many, I poured into this story. The story grew into a novel, and I kept writing.

Early this year a random contest on a fellow bloggers page (your the best Mandy!) got me in touch with a wonderful author. Who I have developed so much respect and admiration for. One who has also become a friend in the writing community. (Jamie, you rock chica!) Who read the haphazard, not yet finished, first draft of "Hunting the Moon" and totally fell in love with it. She led me to Write More Publications.

So in the roundabout way we writers have this post is about the amazing thing that is determination. The amazing ways fate and chance work, and my signing with Write More Publications. I signed late last week with Write More to have "Hunting the Moon" published. It's still a long way off. The book will drop no later than October 2013, but after all this time what's one more year. One more year of edits and late nights after the kids go to bed. NEVER in a million years did I ever think my greatest childhood dream would be realized. To be published. For me it's not about how many books I sell or if I ever reach Stephanie Myer type fame. It's about seeing my book, my words and story, in someone else's hands. Because I have poured every ounce of my heart and soul into this book.

If I am dreaming I don't want to wake up. Sometimes it seems to good to be true.  And to tell you the truth with out Jamie Sue it would have never happened. With out Emlyn showing me the way indie publishing worked and mattered, it never wouldn't have happened. And certainly with out the great Theresa Oliver and Write More Publications, it NEVER wouldn't have happened. I need this more than I need air.

So if a lot of posts about the process turn up, forgive me. Excitement is still pouring from my veins. It still almost doesn't seem real to my jaded heart. But I am starting to except it, and roll with it. Allowing myself to enjoy it. Keep on buying and supporting indie books and authors. Keep on showing the world the great stuff that is coming out of nontraditional publishing houses. There is so much out there!!!!

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