Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poetry.. Or My Attempt At It

Normally I struggle with poetry. I try. But usually it ends up looking like a mess, and sounding even worse. It's like my struggles with short stories. Before I know it I end up with an outline for another novel.  But here goes. I wrote this one the other night after a really bad week last week. Don't be afraid to tell it like it is. 

                                                                  Ghost Pain

Surrounded by reminders,
Ghosts of trinkets on the shelves.
Empty arms and wailing heart,
Trying desperately to take air into my lungs.
Deception, lies, guilt and pain,
Cascade down like relentless rain,
Drowning me in my memories,
Knocking trinkets from the shelves. 

Slowly press the knife blade,
Soft against my skin,
Thinking of all the times,
I parted to let you in.
Push a little harder,
Pierce against my flesh.
Ghosts of your soft kisses, 
Whisper in my ear.
Cutting the reminders,
each drop of blood, 
The pain releases.
Drowning in the memories, 
Of the ghost I once was.

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