Monday, November 5, 2012

Election 2012

If you follow this blog you know that I don't like confrontation. I stay away from political posts because I feel that the resulting backlash of comments will set my anxiety attacks resurfacing in all their glory. But the truth be known, I had always wanted to be a political scientist or a constitutional law specialist. Yes, love and motherhood and countless other issues kept me from furthering my education after community college. So I was left a little jaded, and turned to my writing.

But this election is different to me. It seems all is on the line. From a personal standpoint as a mother of a Autistic child who receives benefits deemed to be cut. As a woman who sees 30+ years of social and medical gains being pushed by the weigh-side as we debated something that was put to rest by a Supreme Court decision. (Roe V Wade 1973) , and the ability for insurance companies and remote politicians to tell me what I can and can not do with MY body. To the continued erosion of the middle class, and the bigotry and hatred being shown fellow humans who just want a chance to receive the same benefits we all do when we join someone in marriage.

So I am leaving you with this link to a fellow writer's blog. She posted an eloquent and really thought provoking post today about the connection of religion and politics and how they shape America. She really in all honesty said it better than I could have. (With the child hanging in my lap as I try to type, and all the suppressed emotion I have on the issue.) So please hop on over and read her post. Leave me some comments on what you think. And even thought I am not telling you which way I am voting tomorrow  maybe you can guess. No politician is perfect. Everyone of them lies, and everyone says things for their own gain. When it really comes down to it congress is the one with the power. But the president sets the tone. Do I think it will change overnight, no. But I have a lot of fear in my heart for my children and where this nation is headed.


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  1. Thanks for linking out to my post! I appreciate it :)