Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The End of the Twilight Saga

If you follow my blog it's no surprise that I am a Twilight fan. You also know I make no bones in saying that  they are not literary greats or the next American classic. But I love the books for what they are. Escape from reality and the everyday world. Escape from all the stuff that makes you think hard. Pure mind candy plain and simple. (With some amazingly perfect guys thrown in.)

Now I am not going to do another post on the merits of the writing or the evaluation of the characters. I have done that before both here on my blog and as guest blogger over on Emlyn Chand's blog. (Here are the links if you want to go check them out.  (Bella Swan versus Simmi Shergill: An analysis of why we root for one and hate the other.  and Vampires? Heck no! But Farsighted does have a thing or two in common with Twilight…)  But it is the end of an era. With the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters this month Twihards the world over will be feeling a punch in the gut. Where do we go from here? How are we going to get our fix of Edward?

My advice... keep reading. Twilight started a phenomenon really, it got teens and young adults to start reading again. It drew people, women mainly, back to the written word and back into the libraries. It started a new generation of writers. Fanfiction became a household word after Twilight, as millions of would be writers gathered to keep Edward and Bella alive far past the world Stephanie Meyer created for them. It started huge on line communities where woman gathered and created charities and message boards. People connected and friendships were forged. This is not a bad thing.

Why is Edward the "perfect" guy? Because a woman wrote him. Edward is the kind of guy we all want and will never find. You can't call him a stalker or a think the age difference is a turn off. Because vampires are not real. It's a story. There will be haters, there will be lovers, and there will be those that just take it for what it is and travel on. The books are better than the movies. And if some are judging on the merit of the movies alone let them judge it on the last one. Breaking Dawn part 2 was phenomenal in my eyes. The way all of them should have been made.

I saw it twice in twelve hours. I saw it at 10 PM last Thursday than I flew down to Virginia to see it with my best friend. (Because we had yet to see one of the movies together.) Within twenty minuets of me stepping off the plane we were sitting in the theater watching it. It was that good people. And I am sure there will be those to disagree with me. They did deviate from the book. They did add a twist, they did leave you gasping and crying at the screen. But than they let you back down and you were praising how they shocked you.  The one flaw I saw was they didn't really develop Bella as a mother. But I can forgive that under the time constraints. (Than there was Aro's real creepy psyco laugh. I actually said, really loud, what the hell was that!)  As a package it was a fantastic and fitting end to the saga. A lot of visually stunning moments and great action scenes. What we all have been waiting for.

Hopefully Twilight will continue to serve as a passage into the literary world, a portal to draw others to the great books that await them. Lead those masses on to The Hunger Games, the Mortal Instruments series, and great stand alone books such as Warm Bodies and Thirteen Reasons Why. Let Twilight lead those masses to all the great Indie offerings out there such as the Farsighted Series by Emlyn Chand, In Leah's Wake by Terri Giuliano Long and Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade. Let them be lead to deeper books and back to the classics. Show them the way to Bronte and D.H Lawrence. Don't let me be judged on my guilty pleasure books only. There is a place for all books out there.

I for one will forever be grateful to Stephanie Meyer for writing Twilight. For bringing readers back to books. For making YA and vampires household words. For reminding us there is a reason to chase your dreams and write your words down.

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