Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Testing Myself

If I seem to not be posting as much it's because I am in the middle of a project that is driving me crazy. Driving you crazy you may say. Don't your children do that to you every day? Well, yah, but this is even bigger. I decided to write a short story for an anthology with a half dozen or so other writers from Write More Publications. As excited as I am about this, I am also scared to the point of distraction. I hate writing short fiction. I try, and than I have notebooks filled with stories that have morphed into novels. In various stages of dissection. I can't seem to get them right under 15,000 words.

 I so want this to work. I need to prove to myself that I can develop a character in a short time frame and limited words. And it will be the first time I see my words printed in a book. A real live book! I won't have to wait till October to see my name on the front of a book. My writing will be out there for other people to read. I will be in the company of authors I have reviewed and loved. A real live book!

I have until January 1st. We plan to release on Valentine's Day. I have to have some element of romance. So what do I do? Set my story in a city I have never seen, which means I have spent the last week researching and visiting virtual travel sites. I have used characters from my book. Which does not come out till after the anthology. So while readers will be familiar with the other characters, they won't with mine. This stresses me. And like every writer I am questioning my work. We can never be objective about our own, I pick at it and pick at it. And than I blog about it.

So I guess I just write what's in my head and hope for the best. Maybe that thinking positive thing might work if I try it. I still have most of December left.

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