Friday, January 25, 2013

A Book Reborn

Sometimes when we write we just go with our gut. We don't really think of what genre it's going to fall into or where we need to classify it. Than that time comes. And we do our darnedest to reach out to who we think will be our target audience. What if were wrong? What if the very audience we are trying to go around is the audience that ends up falling for our book?  Can we re-brand our books? 

A very dear author friend of mine faced this very question.  The solution she came up with is a simple one. And in the end she learned it might just be best to follow your gut in the first place. The book I am talking about is Torn Together. It made number two on my top books of 2012, and I know it has made an impression with a lot of people.  So is it with great excitement I am debuting the new cover for Torn Together.  You can read all about Emlyn Chand's journey with Torn Together here on the Evolved Publishing web site. And you can find my review by clicking on the cover. 

So what do you think? Which cover do you like better? Personally I fell in love with this one the second I saw it. It embodies all I envisioned when I read the book. All the beauty and passion of Daley, and the promise of a new tomorrow.  If you have questions about branding your book, or about cover art and marketing, the Novel Publicity Web Site is a wonderful resource for both self published and indie authors. Check them out.  And if you haven't read Torn Together give it a shot. It's well worth it. 


  1. Awww, thank you for the wonderful spotlight, Rebecca! I'm always thrilled to hear that you love my books (and Novel Publicity) and look forward to welcoming you into the New Adult genre sisterhood very, very soon :-D

  2. My head is spinning, trying to finish the series and two other books outlined. I am one crazy little author :)