Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Review: Poetry In Motion

Poetry in MotionAmber eyes blink away tears that consume her
As far as she was concerned her choice was clear
She could  no longer straddle the worlds she loved so                        
Her heart beating slowly and her breathing labored
She stepped through the door
    **   From Ethereal Love **

Poetry, in my opinion, is one of the most subjective forms of literature. And the most personal. Poetry tends to open not only the writer's heart to emotions and desires, but serves to transport the reader deeper into the poet's mind. We either get poetry and connect deep with it, or we run away from it because we don't "get" it. We can't allow our hearts and mind the openness poetry so deeply needs. 

It is also one area a lot of new authors are not really exploring. So when I opened my now dog eared copy of Poetry in Motion for the first time it was already with great respect for Reed. What I found was a soul bearing journey through her emotional transformation form girl to woman. And a journey I could relate with. Her poetry is honest, open, frank, and at times in your face with emotion. You can not help but feel your own soul when reading it.

In the poems "Unremarkable" and "Get a Clue" we are taken through the loss of a relationship and the questions that linger. In "On My Own" Reed takes us to that place where we finally make the decision to stand for ourselves, not judge our self worth on how others see us. And the strength of family ties and the endearing love of a mother shine in the poem "My Mother".    

There is also a few times Reed breaks from this format with poems such as the beautiful faerie inspired tome "Ethereal Love" my personal favorite from the book. 

When I was done with this book I had a better understanding of who Reed was as a person, as well as a better understanding of my own transgressions. At times it felt like Reed was in my heart and mind, helping me voice feelings I couldn't really put into my own words. This book is worth the emotional journey, and sure to inspire introspection of your own.  My hat is off to this wonderful young woman for opening up herself to the world in this way.   

Simone Frances Reed is a South Carolina based author and artist. She credits her mother for always inspiring and fostering her creativity. She has other works in progress and I am sure we will be reading more from her in the future. You can get her book directly from the publisher at   and on Amazon and Smashwords.  You can follow Simone on Facebook  as well as her publisher Tutor Turtle Press

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  1. You are awesome for simply being you! Thank you for buying my book and reviewing it. But most importantly for being my friend. Love you.
    ~Simone Frances Reed