Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coffee with Simone ......

Today I have a interview for you with brand new author Simone Frances Reed. Her book, Poetry in Motion, debuted last month and I wanted to give you guys a little bit of an introduction to Simone before I review the book. So come back tomorrow because along with the review we will be having a giveaway for a autographed copy of the book! 

Poetry in MotionWithout further wait, here is my friend Simone: 

Becca: I love this book of poetry, and it obviously comes from a deep personal place. Was it difficult to put your feelings out there for the world to see?

Simone:  Honestly at the time I was writing them I wasn’t focused on who might see them. I was more focused on figuring out how to put my feelings into words. How to purge my soul so to speak. It’s not until after the book was published did I start panicking a little about how others would feel about what I had to say. But in the end I knew that some people would read my words and know exactly what I was feeling because they felt it too. So I try to focus on those who it can help and heal other than those it might offend.

Becca: Do you find the writing process helps to heal?

Simone:  Oh most definitely! I’ve found that when I write out my feelings and am as true to them as I can be, then I am better able to release them from clogging my spirit. I find I can heal myself and move on once they are acknowledged and given the voice they deserve.

Becca:  One of my favorite poems in the book is Ethereal Love. But it has a different, more magical feel than the others. What was your inspiration for it?

Simone:  It is one of my favorites as well. It was written for a contest on facebook. A picture was given to base the poem off of and the picture was beautiful and inspiring and the poem just sort of wrote itself. It was almost as if I had a faerie right there beside me whispering to me. I have always loved and been fascinated by Witches and Faeries. I even have some stories in the works dealing with those magical creatures.

Becca:  When it comes to poets, who is your favorite? Any one that influences you?

Simone:  Honestly I cannot name one poet specifically. I’ve read many poems in my life. Some friends have written, and some in published works. But I’ve not really read a lot of poetry books before. I’ve been more into romance novels. The poems just sort of started with me writing songs and then it turned into poems, all trying to explain my feelings.

Becca:  What is the highest compliment you can receive as an author?

Simone:  I had this friend one time say after reading a poem I wrote empathically for her, “Whoa! It’s like you were in my head! How did you know?” My mom has simply said, “Wow!” sometimes.
And then there are friends like you who tell me that they related to some of the poems I’ve written. That is what matters most to me, even if I never hear people tell me personally. The highest compliment is for someone to read what I’ve written and be able to deal and heal. To see that life is worth living and it can be beautiful. That emotions are meant to be worked through and learned from, not take over and control you. That is what matters. How it affects a person, not how many times I’m told “I love it!”

I love to write, poems, songs and stories. I've always had an active imagination, according to my mother. :-) So she encourages me everyday to keep writing because I have a gift with words. Sometimes it's hard to believe her, but I enjoy writing about things that go on in my head. It helps keep me sane. The only thing I ask is that it touches other's lives the way it has mine. Reading is my most cherished ability, and I would rather read a book than anything else. I hope you enjoy reading about my characters as much as I enjoy writing about them. 

You can find Simone on Facebook, and Smashwords 

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