Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review: A Place to Go

A Place To Go

Dex faces the age old question of "Where do I belong?"

After a night of drinking with his friends, Dex must face the ultimate consequence. Given a tour of the possibilities of his afterlife and a second chance, he has some important decisions to make. Follow Dex on his journey as he searches to discover where he is meant to be.

This a YA PRN short story. Ireland Taylor is C. L. Pardington's alternate pen name

In this debut novella we get a story as poignant and timely as it is short. I was able to read this story in fifteen minuets, but still it affected me.  Pardington faces the age old question about what happens after we leave this world in a novel and innovative way. In the process she forces us to look at our choices and their consequences without preaching at us.  I found comfort in her faith. 

I really like how she ended the story. She left it in such a way that she could revisit Dex and take his story either direction. It also allowed you to come to your own conclusions. Was Dax's whole experience a dream? Was it reality with the gift of a second chance? And  how will he handle that all important do over. I left it with the thought that I wanted to give it to every teenager I know. Those important split second decisions  that hunt us for the rest of our lives, or our after lives, are so beautifully depicted it can't help but make anyone think. So don't let the YA moniker fool you. Take a chance and let this one make you think. You won't be disappointed. I had to give this one five stars, and it was well deserved. 

C. L. Pardington (aka Ireland Taylor),  is originally from Miami, Florida, and lives in the magnificent state of Colorado. When she's not exploring the Rocky Mountains, she spends her time writing.

You can find her on Facebook at or visit her website 


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