Friday, February 15, 2013

Romance Reviews: The Unfaithful Widow

 After twenty years of marriage to her high school sweetheart, Tess Malone thought she’d married the perfect guy. When Darren dies in a horrific car accident, Tess soon learns that her marriage wasn’t so perfect after all. On an unexpected trip to New York, she discovers that her ate husband had been living a double life. Bitter and heartbroken, Tess and her best friend hit the clubs in New York, where she literally falls in the arms of a young prince charming, Greg Thomas. Will Greg’s charming, seductive smiles and romantic French quotes be enough to open her heart to love again? Or will he, too, shatter what’s left of it?

Iam ending my week of romance reviews by revisiting one of my favorite books, The Unfaithful Widow by Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft. I loved this book the first time I read it, and every time after. (Yes I have read it multiple times.)  I first read The Unfaithful Widow back in April. I was awestruck by J.S. Wilsoncroft's  honest and heartfelt portrayal of life and love after the death of a spouse. I was hooked by the twist in the plot, and madly in love with the charming Greg Thomas.  But than J.S. signed on with Write More Publications and let me know there was going to be a reboot of the book. A second edition that would lengthen the story and expand the characters.  At first I wondered how she could make such a great book better.  Than I saw the new cover. 

And it's not just the cover that got better.  Or even the fact it is now available in paperback. The impossibly tragic and beautiful love story of Tess and Greg grew into this even better story about redemption, and in the end, family. I felt with Tess every peak and valley. She got into my heart and the confusion and doubt, along with her awaking independence, was described so perfectly and honestly you had to love her. She was such a mess at times I found myself loving Greg even more for continuing to pursue her. 

And Greg. Could a French Prince get any better. He is made for romance novels. Gorgeous, mysterious, royalty, but still down to earth and approachable. The way he is written makes his existence so plausible you get wrapped up in him right along with Tess. I liked him even better this time around. The subtle additions to the story line deepened his character and provided just a tad bit more back story for him.  Making his family come alive and his situation with the people of Calumor France more understandable. 

The supporting cast of characters,  and the twist that comes at you out of nowhere, separates this from other romance novels . The fairy tale  is not all roses and diamonds. The people are real, the emotions are high, and at the end it brings home the message that family is who we surround ourselves with. Not necessarily who we are related to.  And it still brings me to tears with every read through. 

J.S. Wilsoncroft has found a winning formula with Write More Publications.  This second edition knocks it out of the park and takes a place with some of my all time favorite contemporary romance novels. I will even say that if you liked Laura Kaye's Her Forbidden Hero and Hearts in Darkness you will certainly love The Unfaithful Widow.  

Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft lives in Pennsylvania with her, hubby and two children, and 3 dogs. She is a professional dog groomer by day and a writer by night. Writing romance novels is her specialty. You can find her Goodreads profile here 

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