Thursday, February 14, 2013

Romance Week: Waiting for my Wesley

So I know it's Valentine's Day and I have been doing the whole romantic books for you to enjoy thing all week, but today, I am mixing it up.  I was thinking about my favorite movie. The one I go to when I am feeling down, the one that is so campy and crazy it is almost silly. The one that makes me think fairy tales might be possible. Yah, I still want to be Princess Buttercup waiting for my Wesley. So in honor of that sappiness that is Valentine's Day, here's to my favorite movie and fairy tale couple. 

 And on a side note, Novel Hearts the Valentine's Anthology from Write More Publications is now available. Follow the link below and look us up on Facebook  Can't wait to see what you think about your introduction to Lilly and Daemon. 

So I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with their sweeties, their kids, their cats, or whoever else makes you have a smile on your face. Because in the end, love is what you make of it. I may not have my Wesley, but I have two little boys who make my life perfect when I see their faces every morning. I don't need a Halmark card or a special day to show me that. 

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