Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updates and Contest Info

Runaway Girl

Hey guys .. I have some great stuff going on this week. On Thursday I have an interview with Elaine White, author of the new book  Runaway Girl, which is available now from Write More Publications. Also on Friday I will have a review of  Runaway Girl up along with a chance to  WIN an e-book copy and some cool swag including key chains. 

Don't these look fantastic! 

Hopefully this week I will also be able to give you a little more info on the Novel Hearts release. Which includes stories by Elaine, Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft ,Theresa Oliver, and a host of other talented Write More authors.  (Including a story by me that features Lilly and Daemon!) So if you have not read Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft's fantastic book Fat Chances I recommend you do so. The story featured in the Anthology has some spoilers to Fat Chances. 

Fat Chances       There are a lot of great things coming out of Write More Publications the next few months so be sure to follow their Facebook Page


  1. Eeeeps......I'm excited to see this book come out.

  2. Hi Rebecca, I popped over from my good friend, Kim's blog (A Wiccan Life). I am happy to meet you and I will enjoy learning about you and this wonderful-sounding book!! I am Wiccan and also have a blog, and it always a pleasure to meet like-minded bloggers! Bright blessings to you! Robin.

  3. Thanks so much Robin, happy to meet you. I will certainly keep you updated. All my books have Celtic and Wiccan themes. I hope I do them justice. Hope you enjoy the blog.