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Week of Romance: Fat Chances

Fat Chances

As my week of romance continues I am going to take you back a little and review Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft's book Fat Chance. If you have not read Fat Chances now just might be the time. Than you can familiarize yourself with Annie and Cory before their story continues in Novel Hearts, the Valentine's Anthology coming out Thursday from Write More Publications.  Sit back and take a look at this heart warming tale of unexpected love. 

Annie is a normal, overweight 18-year-old senior in high school, until she meets Cory, the sexy, super hot Zumba instructor that turns her life upside down. Plagued with extreme insecurity due to her excessive weight, Annie learns to love and to love herself. Through Cory, she learns that she is lovable.“Fat Chances” will warm your heart and reminds us all that it’s what’s in the heart, not on the body, that counts.

Paperback173 pages
Expected publication: June 1st 2012 by Write More Publications

Annie is about to give up on life. She wants nothing more than to finish her senior year and run from town. She has had it with the perfect bodies, the mindless chatter and the escapades of her "chatty" twin sister. All she sees is a fat girl in the mirror, surrounded by thousands of skinny people. No one could have worse self esteem than Annie. (Well OK, I did in high school and still fall prey to it now.) She has to learn to love herself before she can learn to love anyone else. 

Enter Cory the super hot Zumba instructor. Cory comes to town and happens to teach the Zumba class Annie's sister drags her too. And for some reason, Cory falls for Annie.  What follows is a look at what happens when body types get overlooked, people follow their hearts, and love is given a chance. 

Annie gives Cory every reason to walk the other way. She yells at him, misjudges his motives and tries to push him away. But Cory keeps coming back, until he manages to sell Annie on the fact his feelings are genuine and she needs to give him a chance. ( I was actually surprised he did keep coming back. Guys just don't come as sweet and understanding as Cory.) Once again J.S.Wilsoncroft has given me a book I devoured in no time. Her female characters are real and imperfect and they always get the hot looking guy.  I was left wishing that Cory could come out of the pages of the book.  At times I felt he was too good to be true. And maybe he is. But this is a romance novel and Wilsoncroft writes them to please. And please it does.  She is becoming the master of feel good, heart felt romance. ( And her love scenes.. well they are really coming into their own!)  And everyone else better watch out. I absolutely adored this book.  

J. S. Wilsoncroft lives in Pennsylvania and is the author of two previous books Remembering Zane and the Unfaithful Widow. And the upcoming book My Hunating Love.  It wasn't until five years ago that she started writing, and she hasn't stopped. A professional dog groomer by day and a author by night, she is a wife and busy mother of two children and three yappy dogs. You can find out more about Jamie by visiting her web site : www.J.S.Wilsoncroft.blogspot.com  and her Goodreads page www.goodreads.com/JSWilsoncroft

You can find out more about Write More Publications by visiting their web site at: 

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