Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here is a title for ya: SPAMMERS SUCK

                                                                                                                    (No that's not me!)

So I am stepping back from the book reviews and the usual things we writers blog about to jump on my soap box and complain. I promise it won't be a long rant, just something I need to get off my chest. My dislike of SPAMMERS!

In the last six months I have really been promoting my blog and getting my name out there, trying to be an A list book blogger. I have risen to 81 followers, I am honored to be followed by such great fellow authors like, Laura Kaye, Emlyn Chand, Alice J Wiseler, and others who I count as my own inspirations in this lonely life we call writing. But... the SPAM comments have increased as well. And usually I am pretty good at ignoring them and   writing on, but they are getting more ridiculous.                                                        

Take this example. This is an actual comment I received: "This is а sleek deѕigneԁ ԁigital convection toasteг oven that wіll consistently delіver ρerfect tasting fooԁ everу time. I сan't exactly remember why--maybe it was peer pressure from our health-driven community, who knows. I'm sure you'll find our reviews to be honest and accurate. Here is my weblog: pizza pan alexandria on New Book Revel: Selling Out"

And that is one of the tamer ones. One last week blasted my choice of title, it was on my review of the Persnickety Princess, and continued to say I would get more hits if I had more timely "articles" about dog food. "Visit my website for reference." And of course all this was in broken English.

All of these, coupled with the crazy emails I get saying a rich uncle in Kenya died and left me ten million yen, yen in Kenya, just are irking me. I mean I know we all get them, but really, going through my comments to erase twenty or so of these a day just takes up too much valuable time.

So there you have it. If you are a spammer reading this, or just trolling for blogs to leave ridiculous comments on, know that you really suck!!!

Now back to our usual programming......

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