Thursday, March 14, 2013

There's an App for that?

So I got a new i-phone because my previous one died. Along with that I bought the Kindle Fire HD, I had been wanting one forever and decided hey, it's time to treat myself with my tax return. Needless to say I am loving it. And the dizzy array of apps that are available for said devices.

I will admit I love my technology. I love my i-phone and the ability to be constantly updated about emails, and Facebook posts. (Not!) And let's face it, the ability to be in constant touch with the world makes for interesting conversations. (Along with everyone you have ever known bring up in your business if you are so inclined.) So regardless of my love for it, I am making the conscious decision to try and un plug more.

So you may ask why I am so psyched about my Kindle Fire. Well, my collection of books looks so much better on it than my first generation Kindle. And the variety of things I have free access to with my Amazon Prime account is awesome. Since I am not a big TV watcher I can catch up on shows I have been wanting to watch. Think Downtown Abbey and The Tudors.

Than there are the apps. Did you know there are apps for Yoga, walking, cooking, healthy eating, scheduling and even apps to remind you to blog?? Of course you did. But when I discovered them it was like Christmas in July. (Granted I lead a pretty mundane life, but hey you get the picture.) So even though I have not been texting and Facebook as much on my phone, oh the apps on my Kindle have got me.

It's true when they say there is an app for everything. And man are they distracting me. So I have to put my conscious mind back into my writing, maybe there is an app for that. "Hey you, time to shut me off and write!" Yah that works, it can just yell that to me at various times.

But hey next week I have a really big book launch for you from Darbey Davenport. Her new series Loving Nature is launching and I had the privilege of reading the ARC for Walk Away with ME, the debut book in the series, and it was fantastic. This is going to be an epic series that I know you guys will love. Her writing in this genre reminds me a lot of Laura Kaye and C. J. Ellisson. So if you love their books you are going to love Walk Away with Me.

And in April I am looking at a new Australian writer, Serenity Woods,  and reviewing her book Six Naughty Nights, you really don't want to miss that one!

So stay in touch, I promise to put down the Kindle.

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