Thursday, April 11, 2013

A post about a bunch of things........

I have so much on my mind I want to write about it's not even funny. From the three books I am currently working on, to the discussion I had on Facebook with fellow authors about Amazon and their rating system, to the buyout of Goodreads by Amazon and it's implications to self published and Indie authors, and even on to the more personal and getting into Boston Children's Hospital for a concrete diagnosis for D.  Man my mind starts jumbling just thinking about it.

Then I sit down here to blog, and the phone rings or the kids start fighting, and all hopes I had for meaningful discussions fly out the window. And even more concerning I start putting self pitying status updates on facebook and sound like a sob case. Why do we do that? Why do we feel the need to throw out every little detail of our life for the masses? I mean I doubt my Facebook friends care if I am feeling depressed. Or maybe they're sick of hearing it. It dawned on me that it's attention seeking behavior, and maybe I need to cut it out.

So brief rundown on D. His team has been pushing for new testing and a definitive diagnosis. His in home therapists have connected us to Children's and I have started the long process of diagnostic forms and waiting periods once again. I am kind of excited about this. I want the conflicting diagnoses taken care of, and Children's is the best around for treatment and management of pediatric psychological issues.  High functioning Autism or severe ADHD and NVLD, we need to know and have it narrowed down. I hate to see him struggle the way he does. I hate to fight the same battles over and over every day with repetitive behaviors and social issues. Damn it I want him to have friends. It breaks my heart. I have spent the last seven years of his life fighting this battle, and I will not give up. The more I understand, and can help his brother better understand, the easier his life will be. I worry about the future, so much is at stake. My boys are my life.

So I mentioned Amazon above. I had a ranting long blog post in my head about their rating system and their crazy policy of allowing e-book returns. Then I got sidetracked by life and lost most of my argument. I should have sat down and wrote it right away. The cusp of it is this. If you don't even read a book please do not give it a one star rating. Weather you didn't get a chance to read it, you had poor customer service, or you lost the link. Those ratings drag the author down. If you read it and hated it, or it wasn't for you, fine. Be honest. Write a quick and honest review. I am the first to admit not every book is for everybody. But to slam the author without even reading the book, not cool. Those little stars affect how our books are listed, rankings, and countless other details. Amazon needs to have separate ratings for customer service and for the actual written work. I'm not getting into my love/hate relationship with Amazon right now. I had better arguments when my mind was not elsewhere. Just be fair in your reviews and ratings guys. We pour our hearts and souls into what we write. We have to deal with that, and book pirating sites, and attacks on our genres and our choice to go Indie. I don't do this to get rich, I just want people to read what I write. I write to free my soul from it's burdens.

Lastly, I saw The Host last weekend. I was afraid to. I was worried about how my favorite book by Stephenie Meyer would translate to the screen. ( I have blogged on this before, The Host was far better than Twilight and I say that as a hard care Twilight fan.) I loved it. My date, who went in with no clue what it was about, loved it. I think they did a great job bringing material that was subjective to the screen. It was a pretty good adaptation, followed the book pretty well, and I had  no complaints. I am sure there will be haters, there always is. It's that whole we bring what we experience to what we read or watch thing. No two people read the same book and get the same thing out of it. That's what makes reading so wonderful.  So if you would ask me if it was worth it, it was.

Well I have burdened you enough with my ramblings for tonight. I think I will go work on a novel.  

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