Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston... May we all stand Tall

As a born and raised resident of Massachusetts, and a proud New Englander, I have been deeply saddened by the events of Monday April 15th. While not directly affected by the bombings, I know fellow bloggers and authors that were. Out here in central MA, about 40 miles west of Boston, we still feel the pain. By the grace of God my father in law, who has been at every Boston Marathon for the last ten years, decided to stay home. Or he would have been in the thick of it, and I am sure many more have similar stories.

Not unlike after 911 and Newtown, I'm left wishing I could do something that would matter. Give in a way that eases the pain and suffering. Because when I look at the pictures of that little boy who was lost, I can only imagine the pain that mother is going through. How can we as a country, a world, keep facing these atrocious acts. How can we change things?  Where is the humanity?

But then we look and see the people who rushed into the storm instead of running from it. We see those who gave of themselves fully and honestly. And we see there is hope. For every atrocious act, there are hundreds of kind and decent people.  We are Massachusetts. We stand tall as the Commonwealth. And you bet your ass that when the monsters responsible for this are found they will face the music. From the street corners of Southie, to the beaches of the Cape, to the mountains of the Berkshires, we are all looking for them. And they will pay.

Take this as an opportunity to bring love and responsibility back onto our lives. Teach our children honesty, tolerance, love and the meaning of human life. Let it start with you. If we bring faith and humanity back into our lives. Believe in a higher power, value human life, then maybe we can bring an end to all this suffering.

The top right of this page will be devoted to a link to the Greg Hill foundation. Greg is a local radio personality in Boston, who started out here in Worcester county, who does a tremendous amount of good for those families affected by tragedy in Massachusetts. He is a local guy with an amazing heart and all of his proceeds go directly to those in need.  This is a safe charity to give to, and one I support. Please consider donating. Right now his charity is earmarked to those affected by the bombings.

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