Friday, April 12, 2013

New Book Release, E-Book Special: Glow by, Molly Bryant

GlowBesides this totally fantastic cover, the story line of Glow really intrigued me. What happens when a straight laced magazine editor who has given up on love teams up with the world's biggest player? One steamy unconventional romance. Take a look:

*** Mature content, 18+***

Vanessa Montello, the Senior Editor of Glow--the most elite fashion magazine in the world-- is beautiful, smart, ambitious, and has worked damn hard to get where she is in her career. The one thing Vanessa doesn't have; love. After writing numerous articles about being dumped, and interviewing hundreds of men and woman with broken hearts, she feels as though we now live in a world where true love is utterly non-existant. That is until her boss-- CEO of Glow-- Mrs. McGurthy has an idea for only the hottest article Glow has ever seen. Vanessa must become a 'player', and who would be better than Mrs. Mcgurthy's ignorant, crude, and downright disrespectful nephew Ben to teach her the 'Player Codes'? Follow Vanessa and Ben's hilarious journey as one minute he makes her want to rip her hair out, and then the next she wants to ravish him- in a good way. What will happen when you mix Vanessa, Ben and the men who succumb to Vanessa's 'player' ways? ONE HOT MESS...

I really like Molly Bryant's writing style, and loved her previous book Immortal Souls. But with this one, she steps away from paranormal YA romance and tackles one steamy hot grown up read. 
Glow is a quick and satisfy read that will leave you waiting for the sequel. It took me a little bit to get into the main characters, but when I did, I couldn't put the story down. Having just really found my way into the erotic genre, I am really getting lucky with books like this and Six naughty Nights. 

I was in the middle of reading two really intense books, so this one was a fantastic read to step out of reality and take on a little pleasure. You won't go wrong picking up Glow.    
Image of Molly Bryant

Molly Bryant lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children. She has come to embrace her talents and feel passionate about her ability to fantasize and daydream. The more she writes around her fantasies, bringing them to life, the more her vivid imagination makes sense.

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