Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Review: Destined Oracle

With evil corrupting even the ranks of angels, the one to save the world doesn't know what she is capable of. At three years old, her mother hid her in the human world. Away from the realm of magic and those who wished to destroy her and thwart her destiny. After the passing of her last remaining relative on her father's side, her mother decides to return her daughter to the magical world they fled after her father's tragic death at the hands of their enemies. The world where she belongs. With the forces of evil building an army, will Savina find the power and strength to do what she was born to do? Or will the forces of evil finish what it began all those years ago and destroy her.  More importantly can Savina accept herself and forgive her mother's deception in enough time to harness her powers....  In a world where nothing is at it seems, and Savina is turned upside down, trust and forgiveness lie at the heart of the story. 

If you enjoy stories about fallen angels, mystical battles and the triumph of good over evil, this book is for you. From the start Destined Oracle draws you deep into the world of Savina and her magical cohorts. Martinez weaves a tale that is at once believable and  familiar, while flowing with originality and suspense. 

From the moment she finds out her mother has been keeping a secret from her, a secret that throws everything she knew about herself and her world upside down, to the climax resulting from the consequences, we are held captive with Savina in that ancient house. How can she balance what she discovers with who she is? Does she have the right to choose love? Can she make a difference?

In her debut novel J. G. Martinez gets the the formula right. She draws you in and keeps you turning pages with a read that just flows off the pages. I would say this book is appropriate for upper YA to adult and you won't be disappointed when you pick it up.  I'm giving this one 4 stars as a easy summer read and eagerly wait for book two in the series. 

J.G. Martinez has been writing since she was nine years old, having completed her first novel at the age of ten. Her passion for fantasy and everything supernatural is just a natural part of who she is. J.G. loves reading anything that grabs her attention and loves writing. She loves God, her family and friends and holds each close to her heart. She is also a major animal lover. She was born in Georgia, but raised in Texas where she currently resides. When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys drawing and painting. Her poem “Heart Aches” was published in the 2006, International Library of Poetry titled “Timeless Voices.” In 2007, she graduated with an Associate degree from San Joaquin Valley College, California in Science. She hopes to bring her imagination to life in those that read her stories. 

Destined Oracle is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords from Write More Publications. Be sure to check out it's Goodreads Page. 

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  1. What a great review! This book for sure has made it on my to be read list!

    I really like books that draw you in from the first chapter--and it sounds like this is one of them!

    1. Thanks Andrea! This a great debut book, I think the rest of the series is just going to get better. I would love to see her go viral with this <3

  2. ummmm of course i would visit this blog again! duh! <3