Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Scratch and Sniff by Randee Stevens ~~~~ 18 and older Only

**Adult Content 18 and older please.**

Tasha's life is as dull as a bologna and cheese sandwich...until she meets the grungy rocker name Tony at the local music store. Soon she finds herself fantasizing over this guy who is nothing that she would ever find attractive. Will Tony make her wildest fantasies come true or will she always rely on her special toys?

In this quick little erotic read we are introduced to Tasha who has all but given up on love after being jilted by her fiance, for a man nonetheless! When she runs out after work for some last minute Christmas shopping, she never dreamed she would end up flirting with the grungy guy in the record store. Especially when he tells her about his band, and that sticker! 

Enter Tony. He wears a Kurt Cobain shirt, listens to Waylon Jennings and has just about the most gorgeous emerald eyes you have ever seen. If you can get past the crazy piercings in his ears. One look at Tasha has him stammering all over himself as he tries to tell her about his band and his new album. Could a girl as beautiful and mainstream as her fall for a grunge rocker like him? 

This unlikely pair heat up the pages as they fall in love and explore each other. While it seems impossible that Tasha would ever find his piercing's sexy, I could see why she was attracted to Tony. His fun flirtatious nature and spur of the moment sexiness is captivating. 

In her first erotic novella Randee Stevens hits home by cutting to the chase and giving us what we want. Fantasy and spice. The sex is fun and raunchy, the characters engaging and likable and the whole thing flows nicely in a quick little package. 

Infact I am so sure you will like this read that I teamed up with Randee to give you the chance to win one of three e-books of Scratch and Sniff. Read the excerpt, fill out the Rafflecopter form and you are entered. (Please 18 and older for this contest, and international entries are welcomed. )

"Is that a scratch and sniff sticker on the cover?" She leaned closer towards him to get a better look at the picture. 
       The smell of her sweet perfume sent his heart thumping as he looked down at the top of her head. Little lower sweetie. He wondered what her lips would feel like around his cock and groaned under his breath. He quickly shook the thought out of his head when she looked up at him. 
         "Yes it is a scratch and sniff sticker. And as for the name of our band, we call ourselves The Six Seekers because there is only one thing in life men seek..." He stopped when she leaned closer to him, her face just inches from his.  

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