Saturday, June 15, 2013

The post where I rant on Plagiarism ....

SO I spent the day trekking forty miles from my rural town, to the nearest Apple store.  Why you may ask. To get my iPhone replaced. It's only a few months old and had started dying  on me a few weeks back. I tried to avoid this, but wasn't waiting for their replacement to come in the mail.  Driving down the road, with the boys bickering back and forth in my ear, my mind was wandering to this whole plagiarism discussion that has been going on.

I woke up this morning to a post on facebook about it. Blatant plagiarism of other author's work.  A whole book copied word for word and passed off as their own without any remorse. Who does that? Here is the link to the original post on another blog... take a minute to go over there and read it. Then come back.

So what do you think? The screen shots pretty much say it all. Feel free to post on your own Facebook or blog and get this chick's game out there. The thing that get's me most is this girl's reaction. She was outed, and still she acts like it's nothing. How much has she plagiarized? Who else has she ripped off?

Last week I had a little rant on facebook about book pirating. Selling our books for cheap, us getting nothing, file sharing sites. That had me pretty heated. This has me down right scared. In this digital age everything we write is pretty much able to be floating around out there in cyberspace, waiting for someone without scruples to come along and hijack it. All those hours we spend looking at blank screens, waking up at night to jot down ideas, passing thoughts around in our writing groups. Just for someone else to come along and take it. To act like they own it. Yes it scares me.

Think back to writing term papers in high school. First thing we were taught, site your work. Give the author credit. Don't copy word for word. watch how you paraphrase. Ideas are intellectual property. They are owned by who thought them. When did it get ok to steal another's ideas?

I'm  not talking fan fiction here. There are other ongoing debates about the validity of that. I'm not talking about themes, there are only so many ways to go. You can always spin a theme your own way. I'm talking the blatant taking of another's work, putting your name on it, and trying to profit from it.  Because you know what, in the end there is always someone who looks like a fool.

Than I was thinking about all the books I have Beta read for fellow authors, all the times we have bounced ideas around and talked through plot lines. That takes faith on their part. A great deal of faith that I won't steal their work. I would never in a million years betray that trust. I look at my fellow author's as family. Were in this together. How could I steal from them?  How could someone do that?

I don't always like to write posts like this because I feel like I am rambling. Let's face it, I do ramble sometimes. When I'm bothered by something I tend to just write off the cuff, spill it all out. But this has been playing in the back of my mind all day. Just think guys. Respect each other and the work we do.  We put our hearts and souls out there for the world to dissect.  Let's band together and get these Allison's exposed to the world.(I didn't want to re hash Rilzy's post verbatim, so I hope you took the the time to go check out her blog. She really did a good job exposing this.)

Thanks guys for indulging me tonight.


  1. I can't believe someone would do that! It's so blatant and she's not even apologetic. Thanks for help spreading the word.

    1. I know, she acts like it's nothing. The only way we can get back at these people is to spread the word. Thanks for visiting <3