Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Review: Jar of Hearts

*** Mature content, 18+***

"My life is better off when I am alone. That way I can't ruin anyone's life but my own." 

Well, that is what Maria Anderson believes anyway, especially after what happened two years ago. She is a player- dates wealthy handsome men, comes and goes as she pleases without a worry in the world, and sleeps around. To Maria, she is just one of the guys. 

When her Manhattan apartment floods due to the neighbor's beastly dog above her, it leaves her no choice but to stay with her best friend, Vanessa Montello which so happens to also be her boss at Glow magazine and Vanessa's fiancĂ© Ben until she can find another apartment. 

Little does Maria know that staying with Vanessa and Ben rips the frayed Band-Aid revealing a fresh wound from two years ago. That wound being Ethan Montello, the extremely gorgeous brother to Vanessa that was highly off limits. 

Take Maria, Keith, Marc, Ethan, an erratic best friend/boss, an extremely annoying yet childish Benjamin McGurthy and what do we have? Maria's turn... her turn for her very own HOT MESS!

Jar of Hearts is technically the sequel to Glow, but stands well all on it's own. Infact I felt the story of Ethan and Maria way more heartfelt and earnest than their predecessors Vanessa and Ben. Molly Bryant just gets better and better with every book she writes. 

Maria as a character is sad and flawed. She get's into your heart, and as her story develops you see why she considers herself unable to love. Maria could be anyone of us. We all sabotage love and relationships in our own ways. In our own misguided pursuit of perfection. It takes the strong willed Ethan to teach her how to love. And to awaken feelings she never knew she could have. 

Bryant does this in her trademark sweet and sexy way. She weaves characters and situations that are at once meaningful, and funny. Take the rehearsal dinner scene for one. I laughed out loud and had to put my Kindle down to grab a tissue. She can take a tense situation and turn it into a memorable potato throwing smackdown. You feel like you know these characters and want to dive right in with them. 

I did feel the ending was a little rushed. I would have liked to see Maria and Ethan get a little more time before they ran down the aisle. But Bryant makes up for it with a cute little twist in the epilog. I actually didn't see it going that way. 

Hands down I would read anything Molly Bryant writes. Her stories are sweet, romantic escapes from life. She just keeps getting better with each new release. A diamond in the Indie book world. 

Molly Bryant lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children. She has come to embrace her talents and feel passionate about her ability to fantasize and daydream. The more she writes around her fantasies, bringing them to life, the more her vivid imagination makes sense.

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