Sunday, August 11, 2013

In Defense Of My Indie Brothers And Sisters

I read a blog entry today that had been linked all over my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even though I am not going to justify the author's words by posting a link or naming him, I had to address the issue. I am sure those of you who follow me, who are authors or in the indie book world in any capacity, have seen or been told of this offensive blog post. I can't put it out of my mind. We were insulted and degraded. and I am not going to take it.

The Indie umbrella is large and covers a lot of ground. We are self published and we are represented, we go it alone and we are backed by small presses. We are a family with many different branches. And as in any family, some of us are the black sheeps and we don't go about it the right way. But are we all garbage as this man so blatantly stated to the world? No. And I was offended to the point of tears. In a profanity laced and self righteous post, this man basically called any of us not published by traditional publishing houses uneducated trash.

Now I have been immersed in this world a long time. I have read bad self published stuff, and I have read totally drop the book on the floor and want to run and proclaim it's greatness to the world books. There are books out there that are amazing. I can name two off the top of my head. The Angry Woman Suite and Bluff. Two small press books, both amazingly researched and written. Both impeccably edited, thought provoking and award winning in their own rights. Both written by Indie Authors.

I Am an Indie author. I am signed and represented by a small independent press. My books are/will be professionally edited by someone other than myself.  Are they of the caliber of the two books I mentioned above? Probably not. Do I think I will be an overnight success rolling in the money? No, I do not. I will just be grateful if ten people read my books.

I am starting a company to promote and publicize independent authors and books. Am I proud of that? Damn right I am. I have devoted myself to highlighting this little corner of the industry in a positive light, We are not all dumb, uneducated dreamers. We are people who deserve to be taken seriously.

To me it sounds like this man is a industry executive, maybe who hasn't been able to get his book published, who has a vendetta about us. Us the small writers, going it alone, taking money from his pocket.  Us who dare to buck the system. And guess what? We have readers. We have loyal fan bases. Does that mean people are accepting mediocre writing and plot lines? No. It means we have something worth saying and the best among us will prevail.

When I started in this world I had a lot to learn. My book four years ago is not the same book it is today. The one ready to be released in October. I learned a lot. From the awesome people in this world, this family, who took me under their wings. I learned from blogging, from beta reading, from seasoned authors, and from the mistakes of others.

The truth is most of us work damn hard. We have critique groups and writing partners. We have editors and painstakingly long hours spent putting our soul in our work. And for every piece of supposed trash you sited, there are the hundreds of original and gut wrenchingly good books out there. A lot of us deserve to be treated with respect.

Self publishing goes back to Ben franklin setting up his press and putting out Poor Richard's Almanac. It goes to Thomas Paine putting his thoughts in a pamphlet that helped start a revolution. No one in the "know" took Common Sense seriously until it was flung in the face of the king. (Ok, I may be stretching it some here but think about it. These guys didn't wait for someone to give them the go ahead. They wanted their thoughts out there.)

Granted not as many people will read my rambling words on it. I am not well known and splashed all over the web. I didn't degrade and dehumanize the man with profanity. I just want it to be known that we are here. We are not going away. And we are going to continue to write ourselves into the hearts of our readers. He can pick apart my humble blog for errors and bad grammar. He can pull apart our works. But I am not going away. I don't expect to make millions. I just want to tell my story.

Indie proud  and Indie Strong!!

** In the light of full disclosure I will state that I have part of my review quoted in the new edition of The Angry Woman Suite.**  

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  1. You sing it sister! I read that post (linked on FB) and I totally and wholeheartedly agree. I had to skim through it after the first paragraph because it was so offensive. This guy has totally gone the way of slamming FanFiction writers and decided to broaded his approach for his blog post to all Indie writers - because he knows that people are fed up of other writers slamming FanFiction. Look at 50 Shades! I've not read it but it is a fricking best-seller and it's a FanFiction of Twilight. This guy needs a reality check.