Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Forgetting Tyra Deets

True love is hard to hold onto, hard to forget...

Lucus Wilks is sexy, popular, and rich in love. Life seems to be perfect in the small town of Aurora Colorado- Luke is happy. That is until one night when an abnormally-freakish storm hits causing an accident leaving the love of Lucus' life-Tyra Deets-mangled nearly beyond recognition, changing the lives of many around her. Day after day things change, people change. Tyra does her best to give Luke the life he so desperately deserves, a life where she no longer exists.

Like everyone else, will Lucus be able to forget about Tyra Deets?

Find out in this epic story of love, loss, and revenge where you will find that everyone gets a second chance, a chance at revenge... including Tyra Deets.

*** Mature content 18+ Explicit content for language and sexuality***

Let me start by saying I loved this book. It took me on a emotional trip, and totally took me by surprise. Just when I thought I knew where the plot was headed, boom, a road block was thrown up and it went it a whole different direction. Which is good. It worked for this story. It took a story line that could have been predictable and left you wanting more. And with the cliff hanger ending, there better be a sequel.
I loved Lucas. He was loyal, mature beyond his years,  and was willing to do the right thing by Tyra. Tyra on the other hand, I felt she needed a good therapist and some parents who knew what the hell was going on and tried harder to get her out in the world. But then the whole second half of the book would have never happened. And wow what a second half.
Ethyl. Where the hell did Ethyl come form? For a second I found myself questioning the whole jump in direction, it felt like we were headed into another book. But you know what, a few chapters later I was right there with it and couldn't put the book down. The twist with Ethyl ended up working, and taking the book to a whole new level. That level of wow, this is something different.
As a whole Bryant is an amazing story teller with original ideas. She captivates you and draws you in. And while the book could have been disjointed with it's turn of events and sudden story arch, for some reason It worked for me. I found myself deep in it's world and not ready to leave. There were a couple formatting issues in the kindle edition, but nothing to distracting to impact the story.  I always find that Bryant is great in her genre, and one of the best self published writers I have read. You always get your money's worth with her books.
Now at the end it did say that a sequel was coming. And I am waiting for it. I just have to see where she takes us next in this story. For fan's of Reaping Me Softly and Kate Evangelista, you will enjoy this book. I give it four stars.
Molly Bryant lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children. She has come to embrace her talents and feel passionate about her ability to fantasize and daydream. The more she writes around her fantasies, bringing them to life, the more her vivid imagination makes sense.

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