Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For Those Private Moments.......

We all have a secret sexy side. Don't we? Come on there are times we want to escape from reality and dive into a little "Twisted" pleasure.

My favorite erotic author, Amelia James, has just released her Twisted Mosaic books as an Omnibus Edition. Which means you get all three books, Her twisted Pleasure, His Twisted Choice, and Their Twisted Love, plus a couple new stories and deleted scenes. Including one whole story devoted to my favorite bad boy, Will. Not familiar with the Twisted series? Take a look:

Evolved Publishing presents "The Twisted Mosaic - Special Omnibus Edition)" by Amelia James. This steamy set of 3 mosaic novels in one volume tells the story of the love triangle that is Talia, Will, and Alex. And oh... what a twisted triangle it is. Includes exclusive bonus content only available in this special edition: a deleted scene, and three exclusive bonus stories! FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!!


--Dirty little secrets.--

Talia indulges her sexual pleasures, turning her life into a twisted mess. Sleeping with Alex is dangerous and reckless, and she craves that excitement. Loving Will is comforting and safe, and she needs that stability. Why can’t she get everything she wants from one man?

--All the wrong reasons.--

Alex has everything he wants. He loves the power that comes with his job, and fooling around with his boss provides the illicit kink he needs. He's in charge and trusts no one.

When Alex's case forces them back together, Talia discovers she still craves both her former lovers. Can only one love her enough to satisfy her twisted desires and provide the stability she needs?

--Love takes an unexpected twist.--

Will loves Talia, and he's willing to give up everything to be with her. Their future hinges on her answer to one simple question. But when he leaves his life behind to pursue her, he's confronted with choices he didn't expect.

No more secrets. No more lies. Old love? New love? Or do they have a third option?
The Special Omnibus Edition includes three exclusive new stories: Never, A Simple Kiss, and Owned.
Never is a deeper look into Alex’s relationship with the blonde who disappeared. A Simple Kiss explores the night Will and Talia met.  In Owned Will finally gets to tell his story!

The ebook price is $8.99. That’s almost $2 less than buying the three books separately and you get the new stories plus a deleted scene and a character interview.

Bottom Line: If you love indulging in Erotic Romance, this series is for you. You can find Amelia James on her blog, Trashy's Treasures and at the Evolved Publishing Web site.