Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review: Toothless by J.S. Wilsoncroft

When a psychic moved in the apartment below Shawna, she got excited. She thought it would be cool having her fortune told, but her roommates Kate and Kelly weren't too thrilled about it, especially when they saw what the old lady looked like, something only Stephen King would dream of. When they, not so willingly, decided to help the old lady move some furniture, she rewarded the girls by telling them their fortune. That's when all hell broke loose. Dreams became nightmares and nightmares became dreams and in the end it all became a reality!!
Don't let this cover fool ya, It's not as gory as it looks I promise. But it is the perfect little short story for Halloween. Along the lines of Needful Things, this story will make you think about what you desire most. And how you act to get it. Karma can indeed be a bitch!
Will you side with the sweet and accepting Shawna, or will you be more like her self centered roommates? These girls are your typical college students, when one day a fortune teller enters their life. But she is not what she seems. And when all hell breaks loose, Shawna might be the only one who escaped unscathed.
I loved this story, and as all things Wilsoncroft writes, I lost myself in it. It was quick read, but satisfyingly spooky. If you like your ghost stories more on the psychological side than the gore side, than this one is for you. What better way to end your Halloween night than a cuppa something hot, and a freaky fortune teller who might just leave you ... Toothless...
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                                             Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

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