Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guest Post by the fantastic Gail Lindsey

Today I am turning over my blog to Gail Lindsey for her review of Destined Oracle. There are other stops along the way of this tour, and plenty of chances to win. But, if you comment on this post and send Gail a shout out, I will put you in a drawing for an additional paper back copy of Destined oracle. Winner will be chosen at random from the comments. Just please leave your email in the comment so I can contact you. So here's Gail :)

Happy Halloween!!!!! 

This is a “Must Read” story!  It is something new and different; yet it feels familiar and comfortable.  If you love Harry Potter or Twilight - you'll love this book.  In this book, Savina grows from sulky teenager to the powerful oracle that is destined to save Good from Evil.  Along the way she meets the love of her life and discovers her new found powers that will ultimately allow her to save a world she didn't even know existed.
After the death of her Uncle; Young Savina O'Hayden is ripped from her everyday teenage world of shopping malls, clothes, music, boys, and city life, and trust into the supernatural world of the magic.  Unbeknown to her; Savina is the key to saving this world from those who wish to destroy both heaven and earth and the time has come for her to become who she was meant to be.
You first meet Savina as a sulky teenager as she and her mother drive cross country towards their new home. Upon reaching the O'Hayden Boarding School; Savina is bombarded by all the new sensations, mystical beings, and her own powerful magic. Savina discovers that she the last descendant of the powerful O’Hayden family; the daughter of a wizard king, and his fallen angle wife. Savina is the Destined Oracle.  Like Hogwarts; the O’Hayden school is a school for the gifted, and like Harry Potter; Savina has a long road ahead of her in learning how to control her magic. With the start of the new school year and the arrival of the other students; Savina settles into her new life.
But a great Evil is building its forces; and its goal is to destroy all that is good, including the last of the O’Hayden family. Will Savina be ready in time?
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