Sunday, December 29, 2013

Short Stories, The Perfect Year End Filler

With the New Year a few short days away and the craziness of Christmas fading in the background, I find myself looking for quick reads. Before I start a new novel out of my huge TBR que, or go back to  my writing which has been lacking since the release of my novel, I decided to indulge in a couple short stories. Some sweet and inspirational. Some dark and foreboding.  My favorites? Well it has to be the super sweet and faith filled The Christmas Cottage by Theresa Oliver. And the dark and emotional Of yesterday by Vanessa Hancock.  Take a look:

Sarah hasn't felt loved in a while, and to top it all off, her husband has just left her for another woman. Distraught, she chooses to end it all, but fate intervenes. Nearly unconscious, a handsome stranger carries her to his cottage. Can Sarah put the past behind her and open her heart to the love of God in the Christmas Cottage?

At a short 29 pages I found it the perfect indulgence with a cup of coffee the other morning before the kids woke up. It's simplicity was welcome, and it's message one that never gets old. In fact it reminded me of The Shack. Do you guys remember that? This one was quicker and sweeter, but it carried the same message. And as I look toward the new year, it made me take pause and think.

Oliver reminds us that our life does not belong to us alone. We impact and matter to the world at large. Whether we recognize it or not. And yes, we are not alone even in our darkest hour. I highly recommend this one to give yourself a little spiritual pep talk to get over that last hurdle to the new year.

Next up on the short story front is the new one from Vanessa Hancock, Of Yesterday. A darker fare than the above story, this one weighs in at 35 pages and takes you on the emotional journey of a man searching for the meaning of his life. While dealing with a secret from his past he can't let go.

Hancock surprised me with this story. It took me on a journey I didn't expect, and showed me a whole other side of her writing. It was dark and foreboding, and made you think in a totally different way than you are used to. Where do loyalties lie? How can we forgive ourselves? I recommend this one for a different reason. It will stick with you in it's dark honesty and rawness. It is so complete and emotional, when you finish, you feel like you have read a  much longer work.

What both of these stories show is the value of the short story. Take a look. Amazon offers a variety of great short works by independent authors. Perfect to fit in when you have a few extra moments waiting for the kids or sitting in the doctors office. And a lot of them will leave you just as breathless as you favorite novel.


  1. Thank you sssooo much, Becca! Glad you liked it! You're the best! :-)

    1. My pleasure! It is a fantastic story!!! :)