Sunday, December 15, 2013

When You Wake Up And Your A Published Author......

So today was the big day. Although my book had been up on Amazon since December 10th, we choose today to make the big deal of it and throw a release "party"on Facebook. All I can say is that I am humbled and in awe at all the love that was thrown my way today. For a brief moment in time, I felt like I really was reaching my goal. Maybe, just maybe, my dreams will come true.

Even if I never make a best seller list, or land with a big time publisher, I did it. I managed to bare my soul for almost 200 pages of readable prose. I been told it's a lot to be proud of. And man today it certainly feels like it.

This book was started at a time in my life when everything seemed to be falling apart. And in the years since 2010, it has gotten worse before it got better. But this book was always three. Sitting in the shadows, helping me to feel that I was still productive and functioning. It became a catalyst to reinvent myself. A fallback so I didn't feel like I had "no job." I could always say I was a writer, writing a book.

Well today validated that statement. I felt like a writer. I felt as high as my idols, the woman I have read and followed and blogged for over the last four years. I feel like I have joined them in an elite club. If only for a day. With every click on Amazon.

I can always look back at it and say I tired. I did it. I was there.

So I want to thank once again everyone who encouraged me and helped me along this road. You know who you are. And most of all my boys. Who each and every day remind me why I am here. They are my true reason for living and going after this dream. Though this road maybe a rough one filled with pitfalls and roadblocks, we still drive on. We still hold on.

Take a look at Hunting the Moon. Welcome to the world my labor of love.
A year after the murder of her husband, Lilly Lawson is still plagued by nightmares that have pushed her back into her adolescent habit of cutting. Even worse, she starts to see and communicate with her husband’s ghost. When she goes to the sentencing for the man convicted of the crime, she finds herself captivated by the killer's brother. 
Daemon Kelly has returned to their small town after a long absence to care for his elderly mother. He also has to face the whispers regarding his brother's crime and his own alcoholism. When he comes face to face with the widow of the man his brother killed, he feels an intense need to protect her, but from what, he doesn't know.    
When the two fall in love it is anything but easy. Aaron Lawson is intent on coming back and claiming what is his. And the closer Lily and Daemon get to Aaron's ghost, the more they unravel the truth about why he died in the first place. Piecing together bits of ancient Celtic lore, can they find a way to help Aaron's soul find rest? 
You can find Hunting the Moon on Amazon, and Smashwords

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