Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I noticed I had some new followers. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and welcome to the page.

I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to, writing novels kind of does that to you. (Along with having two boys, but that's another story all together!) But I am here, checking the blog often, and hunting down new books to share with everybody.

On the blog front, I have a couple of blog tours coming up, and some chances to win great prizes. Usually it's as easy as filling out a Rafflecopter form. So stick around and don't be afraid to comment on what you want to see. If you are a fellow author interested in getting a review, leave your link in the comments.

On the writing front, I am pleased to announce I have been accepted into the Visionary Press Collaborative. Check out their website. I am so honored to be part of this great group of writers and their supportive company. It's one of the best I have seen, and totally supportive. They will be publishing my short story, Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain, in their From Dusk To Dawn Anthology. I can't wait for that one to get out to all of you.

Hunting The Moon is on Amazon Prime, which means it is at a sale price, and you can borrow it free for your Kindle. Check that out here: Hunting The Moon

I am hard at work with Midnight Raven. Hoping to get it done, and in to the powers that be, for a fall release. It looks like it will be twice as long and twice as dark as HTM. Which I am really excited about. I'm hoping to give you a great finished project.

I have two other projects in the works, and hope you guys stick around to see them.

Share the blog. Share the links. Let's fly the Indie Book flag high! Let others know about the quality of books we produce. I am blessed to have all you great fans reading my books and my blog. Thanks and hugs to  you all!!!!


  1. Glad to have on board the Visionary Press Collaborative team, sweet lady. You are a true gem.