Saturday, April 26, 2014

Short Stories .... Think Exposure

Hi everybody. I know that I have been somewhat absent this last month, all that real life stuff gets in the way of my books and reading. I hate that.  But I'm trying to get on here more.

One thing I have been doing is writing some short stories. If you are a fellow writer, especially an indie author, don't overlook the power of the short story. Shorts are a quick way to get exposure, get new readers familiar with your work, and drive people to your sites. The more exposure you have the more sales. Hopefully. My new publisher, Visionary Press Collaborative, has a ton of short stories at great prices. Just think, when you don't have time to read a full novel, but want something new, shorts are a great way to do it.

That being said I have a new story out now in the Write More Publications paranormal romance anthology, Love Bites. It's a prequel story to the second book in my Moon Series, Midnight Raven. Take a look: In a Shifter's Tale we meet Cace Mathews, the main character of Midnight Raven. Cace is at a pivotal point in his life where he has to embrace the shifter within him, or loose himself to the animal he becomes. He is also grappling with meeting and ultimately loosing his soul mate. A fellow shifter, Bina, has secrets of her own to hide. Can their one night of passion be enough to hold the two together?

Also coming up will be my short story Panel 35. Panel 35 is a ghost story set against the backdrop of the Vietnam Veterans memorial and explores the themes of fate and love. Not only romantic love, but the enduring love of a father and daughter. Panel 35 will be debuting on Memorial Day.

Last but certainly not least, my short story Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain will be releasing in the upcoming anthology From Dusk To Dawn. From Dusk to Dawn will be releasing from Visionary Press Collaborative. As soon as I have a release date I will pass it along.

Short stories have always challenged me. I usually hate writing them, hate being confined to a set number of pages or words. But these three have shown me that I can write them. I actually got really into them, and think as writers any time we challenge ourselves outside our literary comfort zone we grow. We learn about ourselves. And we make ourselves that much better at our craft. In fact Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain tackles a genre I haven't written in before, erotica. That was certainly out of my comfort zone. But the farther into the story I got, the easier it got. And I think after that exercise I was better able to write the new love scenes in Midnight Raven. Something that a lot of readers thought was lacking in Hunting The Moon.

Any fellow bloggers interested in reading these shorts? I will be happy to hook you up with a copy in exchange for an honest review. Just drop me a note in the comments.

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