Sunday, May 4, 2014

Get your geek on..... Home Is Where The Heat Is
****Adult Content 18+ Please****

The "Twisted Mosaic" readers' favorite, Claire, has some twisted fun of her own.
Dependable paralegal Claire O’Connor knows the man of her dreams is out there waiting for her, and she’s ready for him. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

Despite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known success professionally. His personal life, however, is a failure. He doesn’t want a relationship, and while his ‘let it ride’ attitude keeps most women at a distance, Claire is eager to roll with him.

But when she finds out Kurt Langston, the office’s resident computer geek, harbors a secret crush on her, she wonders if he’s the safer bet. Kurt doesn’t get close to people, and his feelings for Claire make no sense in his carefully ordered life. His unexpected bond with JT pushes him to take chances he never imagined.

Go all-in or go home? Either way, the heat could be more than they can handle.

Ok I am a huge Amelia James fan, no surprise there. And I am also a huge fan of the Twisted Mosaic series. Alex, Will and Talia heated our hearts for quite a while ladies. Right? Well, Alex and Will make cameos in this book, but it's all about Claire.

With Home Is Where The Heat is we are introduced to two men that will change Claire's life, Jared Tucker Luck and Kurt Langston. From the start we kind of figure where these men will fit in Claire's life, and her bedroom. But, James throws us some twists and turns that take this book to a new level. Not only is it erotica, it's romance and a little bit of mystery, mixed with a lot of personal reflection. The characters are way more developed, the story line moves freely and fast, it's hot and scorching sex, but with a sweet side thrown in.

JT and Claire face the same issues of abandonment and rejection. They are both struggling with believing and trusting their feelings, and they both crave a little twisted fun in the bedroom. Kurt is faced with feeling like he doesn't fit in. He watches Claire from the outside and dreams of having a chance. When the three form an unlikely, and important, friendship, it allows all of them to grow. And allows Kurt to explore his freaky side.

What James does well in this book is let the characters grow without changing them too much. It's authentic, and creates that realism that makes you want to dive into the world they inhabit. When  things like fire and sabotage, internet hacking, and jury tampering creep into the plot, it grabs you in even more. Seriously I could not put this book down, it's a whole other level of erotica.

My one little sticking point, because I really didn't want to call it a complaint, is I hope we get to see more of Kurt in his own book. I felt bad for him. He didn't really loose out on the deal, but I feel like he gave something up. Kurt as a lot of potential as a main character. As much as I fell for JT, Kurt has a certain appeal that makes you want to find your own "yummy IT guy". He put the sexy in geek for sure. I love how he was able to form a bond with JT and their characters meshed so well. He was just one of those stand up guys.

Bottom line: Great book that hooked me from page one. You don't have to be familiar with the previous series to enjoy, it stands on it's own. Permanent spot on my shelf for this one. Five stars!

Amelia James lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter. You can find her on Facebook and her web site Trashy's Tresures. 

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