Friday, June 27, 2014

Heat Re-Visited

Back in May I introduced you to a wonderful erotic romance by my fellow Indie author Amelia James. Since then, Home is Where The Heat Is has received a brand new cover.  This one, I think, is a step above. It conveys the feel of the book a little better. And gives you a hint of the heat that drives it. I'll let Amelia tell you about it in her own words.

    Amelia James:
    I hate rules. I hate following the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing. Many times I'll purposely avoid a trend just because it is a trend. But in my quest to be unique, I strayed too far from the ideas that define the romance genre, and I failed. Hard.

    I went to RomCon
    2014 last weekend with 20 copies of Home is Where the Heat Is paperbacks. I'd sold almost 30 copies of my books last year,... so I worried that I didn't have enough this time. But as the book signing came to a close, I still had a table stacked with books, and the event confirmed what I already suspected. Heat's unique cover was a fail. I sold two copies, but most people overlooked it. I sold all the books with sexy covers, but no one was interested in Heat and one person, who'd won it as a prize, said she wouldn't have picked it up and advised me to change it. Another woman asked if it was historical or fantasy. Dammit.
    Something had to change, so I gave in to the genre's demands.

    But not entirely. The biggest reason I left the typical sexy couple, hot shirtless man cover behind was because everyone was doing it. And in indie publishing, we were all using the same images. I've seen the couples featured on Tell Me You Want Me, Secret Storm, and Their Twisted Love on several other books, and it broke my heart every time. I've taken a lot of risks this year, and most of them have gone down in flames. My friends said they've learned a lot from my mistakes, so I figure if I can't be a good example, I'll be a horrible warning. JT would be proud of me.
    Home is Where the Heat Is—with its new erotic romance cover—is available everywhere.

So what do you think? I love the new cover. It gives it just the right amount of heat without playing into the over done models we always see. In my eyes Amelia makes no mistakes, she just writes hot books with a touch of honesty. And that takes them far. Her characters are three dimensional and real, you get invested in their lives.  You can't go wrong getting lost in one of her books. Check out Home Is Where The Heat Is with it's new cover today. Just click on the book cover above to be taken to it's Amazon page. And a big thanks to Amelia for being on my blog today.