Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quick Book Spotlight: Tonight The World Dies

In my quest to always bring great books to your attention, I'm starting a new feature of Indie Book Spotlights. My first is by the talented Amber White. Her debut novel tackles a part of the zombie craze not many do, the morality of killing. What if the beings your killing aren't really mindless corpses? Take a look:

It's been a year since people started turning into zombies, and Jo, Sully, Billie, and Dean have been traveling ever since. After a freak encounter in a home improvement store, Jo questions whether or not she's been killing mindless corpses, or if the 'zombies' are really human after all. By chance they meet another group of survivors, and she may just get her answer.

*Contains violence*

This book is fresh and easy to read. I found myself pulled into the story and immersed in it's world. I hate cookie cutter books that stick to a format within a genre. It's great when an author takes a new spin on something and mixes up the pot. White has an easy going style of story telling, and believable characters.  I look forward to reading more form her in the near future.


Ah, the open road- fresh air, minimal traffic, and undead zombie freaks who want to bite your freaking face off. Story of my damned life.
"We should steal a convertible." Dean said. His muscular frame filled the space between the front seats of our stolen black Escalade.
"Not on my watch." I replied.
"Why not?"
I slowed down. "Think about it moron. A convertible leaves us vulnerable to attack. Say we get swarmed. They could easily reach in and kill us."
"So we'll get a hard top- convertible." He said with a smile.
I frowned, turning around in my seat to look directly at him. "A hard top requires you to physically remove the top and put it somewhere. It's not going to fit in the trunk." I turned back around and focused on the road. Speeding up.

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