Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Children's Book Review: Lily Gets Lost

As authors we like to challenge ourselves from time to time and write outside our comfort zone. Other times, an idea just hits us out of the blue. It's the later one that led my friend Jamie Wilsoncroft to publish her very first children's book, Lily Gets Lost.

We know Jamie for her heartfelt romance in books like Remembering Zane, The Unfaithful Widow, and great YA reads like My Haunting Love. Well now we have one more reason to love her. This debut foray into kids land is super cute, super fun, and teaches a lesson. Children's books can be a tough book to write. Walking that fine line between entertainment, and god forbid, being preachy. Jamie Wilsoncroft hits the nail on the head. And I can't wait for more from the sweet little pup. Because this is just the first in a series of books featuring Lily the floppy eared cocker spaniel. Take a look:

Lily is an adorable white cocker spaniel who accidently wanders from her home. On her journey to find her way back she meets an old dog name Sam. Sam asks Lily what her name is, but she doesn't know because her family calls her by many different names. Sam tells her that her family calls her by silly pet names because they love her. Sam introduces Lily to a cocker spaniel and a chihuahua who also have silly pet names. Will Lily's new friends help her find her way back home? Do you have a silly pet name?

The sky was getting darker and the street lights flickered on
"I'm getting scared." Lily whimpered, walking close to Sam.
"It's alright Lily. You can stay with me tonight." He leaned against her, comforting her."
They both stopped when they heard a dog yapping.
"Hey hombre! what are you doing on my territory?" A little brown dog with pointy ears and tiny, tiny feet came running from behind a tree.
"Hey Sophie, it's me." Sam hollered. the little dog stopped at the edge of the lawn. She was wearing a pink pearly collar and she smelled of flowers.
"Who's this little thing?" She turned to Lily, sniffed once than turned back to Sam.
"This is Lily. She is lost. You haven't heard anyone searching for her have you?"

Lily Gets Lost is avalible exclusively on Amazon for the Kindle,and is perfect for ages 3-10. Great for early readers. (Click the book cover above to be taken to it's Amazon page)
 Jamie Sue WilsoncroftI lives in Pennsylvania with her hubby, two children, and 3 dogs. She is a professional dog groomer by day and a writer by night. Writing romance novels is her specialty

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