Monday, October 27, 2014

Come Meet Kameryn James......

This month has been spooktacular! (OK, pardon the corny pun.) I have meet some amazing and talented horror writers, introduced them to you guys, and hopefully will have some great collaborations in the future. As the month draws to a close, we visit with our last three authors. Hopefully I have given you guys a glimpse into the minds of a horror writer. We are all like you, just  a little more in tune with the darkness around us.

We have visited hard core horror, YA paranormal fantasy, psychological thrillers and everything in between. We have learned some of the tricks of the trade, and got to know some great new books. Today is no exception. We are taking our seven questions to the talented Kameryn James. Kameryn's work has appeared in anthologies from Sirens Call and Dead Gun Press. Her story Skin appearing in the anthology Voices from the Gloom

Me:      How did you get interested in writing in the paranormal/horror genre? And who was your biggest influence.

Kameryn: I believe that paranormal and horror found me. I grew up in Louisiana, where there is a suspected haunted house in every neighborhood, the teacher who may practice voodoo, and also a strong influence of religion and faith. Such culture and environment can birth colorful views of light, darkness, good and evil. I don’t have one particular author that influenced me to write, but I greatly enjoy reading Neil Gaiman, and admire the worlds he creates.

Me:     Tell us about your current protect/projects.

Kameryn: I have a few unfinished stories going on now. Lately, I’ve been working on a novella about how a family of body snatchers in the 1800’s react when the dead stop being dead.

Me:      Have you ever had a character just take over? Like have they invaded your mind so much you can’t stop thinking about them.

Kameryn: Yes. My first attempt at writing was a novel about wizards during the Industrial Revolution. My heroin and her love interest simply kept growing and growing, taking on more characteristics and abilities. The story was too long and moving too slow. The novel remains unfinished years later.

Me:     Characters you would like to go back and explore more. Who and why.

Kameryn: I’ve played with the idea of creating a prequel about my antagonist from “Skin, Skin, Let me In” (published in the Voices From the Gloom anthology by Sirens Call). The tale would explain how the creature came to America. I am also greatly considering expanding my zombie apocalypse short “May Day World” (published in the Undead War by Dead Guns Press) because there is just so much I can do with the zombie genre. I want to give my main character, Annalise, two more children to care for during the apocalypse and making her a widow. Cripes, I can be really brutal to my characters.


Me:     How far would you go for a scare? Is there anything that’s off limits to you? (Like I make it a personal rule to not write about kids or animals being harmed. Anything else is fair game.)

Kameryn: Sometimes I wonder if I scare myself more than the readers. I did a lot of gruesome crime scene investigation research for “Skin,” including one book about body farms. I’ll never forget the look on the librarian’s face when I checked them out. I just blinked innocently at him. Off limits for me would include detailing any kind of rape.

Me:   Scariest movie you ever saw. If one did scare you….

Kameryn: Jaws. Yeah, I know the shark is fake, but I watched it at the age of five. Still not entirely convinced that it is safe to venture into the water.

Me:    Favorite classic horror story…

Kameryn: My favorite classic horror movie, hands down, is George Romero’s Night of The Living Dead. He pioneered a terrifying genre that continues to push the limits today. My favorite classic novel is Stoker’s Dracula. I read it after seeing many versions of the character and vampires in general. To this day, I still prefer the Count created and described by Stoker.  No sparkles there. 

Kameryn James
Thank you!

I love the fact that one common denominator with all the horror writers I have talked to is their love and appreciation of the classics. Stoker, and classic Dracula, have appeared so may times, it lightens my heart. It seems that horror/paranormal writers as a whole, appreciate where they have come from. A devotion that I think sets the genre apart.

Kameryn James can be found on Facebook, Amazon, Sirens Call Publications, and I am sure in the dark corners of imagination.

** Note to authors: Sirens Call Publications is open to submissions and has several anthologies in the works. They are also running the month long Coffin Hop on their blog The Sirens Song. Go on over and support our indie friends** 


  1. Terrific interview, Kameryn and Rebecca! I was enjoying all the Q&A, taking it in in a most serious manner, when all of a sudden I got to Kameryn's super smirk and I totally lost it. Too cool. I love it! Keep up the great writing, Kameryn, and show me more great authors, Rebecca!


    1. Will do Blaze!!!! Thank you for all your support

  2. I love supporting you, mein Editor!