Sunday, October 19, 2014

Guest Post: Zack Kullis


Over the course of the last four years, the years I have really devoted myself to blogging and writing, I have been privileged to meet some amazing authors and artists. These people really exemplify the best in the Indie world. Zack Kullis is one of those people. Through Blaze McRob and VPC, I have had the opportunity to become familiar with Zack's work, and he is truly one of those great horror writers. He takes everything he knows and throws it into his writing. And with his background, he has a lot to draw on.

So for today's horror hop post I'm turning my blog over to Zack. I think he can best explain it all. (And thank you Zack for all the kind words. I know horror guys don't like to be called out as having a soft side, but I think you do ;)  )

Rebecca was gracious enough to let me write a guest post for her fantastic blog.  Not everybody would trust a horror author to take the reins without leaving a bloody aftermath.  So, if I hope to keep her friendship, I better make this pretty damned interesting!

Let me start off by getting the boring stuff out of the way.  My name is Zack Kullis (sounds like an AA statement).  I’m employed full time by the FBI, and I write WHENEVER I can.  I’ve had a life-long love affair with reading and writing.  As a child, when impossible isn’t a part of your functional vocabulary, I wrote nearly as much as I read.  But the insecurities of the dreaded teen years drove me from my pen, although this did give me extra time for ravenous reading.

It wasn’t until a few decades later that my desire to pick up the pen was rekindled.  During that time I had read a number of books that were less-than satisfactory.  To make up for it, I picked up Salem’s Lot by Stephen King (this certainly wasn’t the first time I read this book) because I needed a good story.  As I read this fantastic tale, I found myself hungering for characters and antagonists that filled me with equal parts of dread and terror.  This brings me to the meat of this post – my first novel.

My first attempt at writing something as an adult was a full length novel.  I didn’t intend for it to be something for me to sell, I was writing for the love of a good story.  I wanted to write something with key characters that would illicit visceral reactions.  I wanted to write a story that I would enjoy reading.

So I wrote.  I rediscovered my love for writing and was hopelessly lost in a storm of creative ecstasy.  The result was a story I called Smite the Damned.  The protagonist was in many ways like me, sharing my dreams and cursed with some of my fears and weaknesses.  The antagonists were monstrous, vicious and delightfully wicked.  I asked a few friends to help me edit it, and their reactions were beyond what I had hoped for.

“You should publish this, Zack!”

That was a few years ago and I have written a fair amount since then, including a sequel to the first novel.  Smite the Damned was a launch pad for a whole new series of goals and dreams.  My childhood dream of working for the FBI was surpassed by the idea of writing for a living.  It’s a dream I would start tomorrow if I could.

Now, why would I take this opportunity that Rebecca has given me to talk about a book I wrote a few years ago?  There are a few reasons.  While it’s certainly not a perfect book (as can be expected of a debut novel that was never professionally edited), I love it.  It’s also a good introduction to my writing style.  You can also read the sequel, as well as my short stories that are online, but I figured it’s best to start at the beginning.

Oh, there is ONE more reason that I’m talking about Smite the Damned.  It is in the beginning stages of being turned into a movie.  I can’t give any details, but a producer was introduced to the story (not a no-name producer), and after getting a screenplay adaptation that I wrote, they are finalizing the financial backing for the movie. 

Is it possible that the movie deal might fall through?  It’s possible.  Do I make a bunch of money from my books?  No.  Am I a ranking author on anybody’s list?  Also no.  However, I am a man that is passionate about writing and is plunging forward with his dreams, despite naysayers and negativity.

Is what I write a good fit for you?  Here is part of a review that Smite the Damned received:

I definitely recommend it for ALL horror fans who like deep, dark, twisted psychological thrillers with philosophical roots and scientific overtones. This book is not for the faint of heart, and if you don't like your thrillers overly dark, it may disturb you. If you're like me, and are always on the hunt for "darker is better", then you need to read this book!

Please feel free to check out my work.  If you do, I would love to get your feedback.  Please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  I’m a nice guy that terrorizes bad guys by day and writes terror by night.   I promise I won’t bite…..  Much

Rebecca, thank you for this opportunity!  You are fantastic.

Zack…Zack Kullis
You can find Zack Kullis and Smite The Damned on Amazon


  1. Great post, Rebecca! Zack is one of the most interesting men I have ever known. And, of course, he is a super author! He and I are collaborating on a collection of short stories that will knock everyone's socks off! He has some super stories written for it.

    I wish Zack the best of everything with not only his writing but with his movie opportunities. Go Zack go!


    1. He is! And it is a privilege to know and work with both of you guys. Can't wait to see what comes down the road for Zack :)