Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain

I want to thank everybody for making this one, if not THE, most successful blog endeavors I have embarked on. My month long look at paranormal/horror indie writers has received over 500 hits and multiple comments.  Our genre is alive and well!

I have met some great people, found some great books, and learned from this blog takeover. Hopefully all of you enjoyed and learned as well. There are many types of horror, and all are valuable. From the traditional, to the slasher flicks of the nineties, to the documentary style horror films we have seen in recent years, they all serve to scare us, and unite us, in our search for the supernatural.

My favorites in literature tend to be the psychological horror stories. The ones we might not always dump in that genre. Some are obvious classic horror, from Stoker to Poe on the top, to the Bronte sisters. (Wuthering Heights has ghosts, intrigue and psychological torture when you really break in down. And Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, scary as hell in some respects.) Right on down to the early stuff by Stephen King.

In movies, I gravitate toward the seventies. Amityville Horror, The Shining, The Exorcist, and Halloween of course. That stands still to this day as the movie that scares the living hell out of me. I always have to stop and watch it when its on TV. Or I Netflix it, and I freak the whole time. The sound of the music just creeps me out. It's cheesy acting and effects by todays standard, but John Carpenter played suspense and lighting like no one else. That's the thing, psychological horror is amazing. I can't stand the blood and gore of today's horror movies. That's all for shock value. What happened to letting us get scared by the own reaches of our imagination? What ever happened to letting the things that are unseen be the things that haunt us? Think about it. What is scarier than the dark recesses of your mind, and what they can conjure up? Sometimes in horror less is more.

In honor of Halloween, if you message me here in the comments, I will gift you an eBook copy of my novel, Hunting the Moon.  If you are not familiar with it, take a look:

A year after the murder of her husband, Lilly Lawson is still plagued by nightmares that have pushed her back into her adolescent habit of cutting. Even worse, she starts to see and communicate with her husband’s ghost. When she goes to the sentencing for the man convicted of the crime, she finds herself captivated by the killer's brother. 
Daemon Kelly has returned to their small town after a long absence to care for his elderly mother. He also has to face the whispers regarding his brother's crime and his own alcoholism. When he comes face to face with the widow of the man his brother killed, he feels an intense need to protect her, but from what, he doesn't know.    
When the two fall in love it is anything but easy. Aaron Lawson is intent on coming back and claiming what is his. And the closer Lily and Daemon get to Aaron's ghost, the more they unravel the truth about why he died in the first place. Piecing together bits of ancient Celtic lore, can they find a way to help Aaron's soul find rest?

Not horror in the strict sense, but very supernatural and ghost filled. (There is a Halloween battle scene at a deserted cemetery between angels and dark fairies.)

Hopefully your Halloween was fun, spooky, and safe. Remember, horror is not just for October. You can send a hug to your favorite indie horror/paranormal author all year by buying, reading, and loving their work. Hopefully I introduced you to some new favorites, and renewed your excitement for things that go bump in the night. Remember all those times as a kid just the thought of a ghost made your pulse quicken? All those times you watched a movie through your fingers or from behind your pillow? Those little things are still there, still connecting you to all the spirits out there. Embrace them, everyone needs a good scare every now and than. What scares you?

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