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Talking Fractured Fairy Tales and Things That Go Bump in The Night

Gothic Little Red Riding Hood

Today my guest is author Stephanie Greenhalgh, author of The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood and If The Silver Slippers Fit, which she co authored with Jennifer Paquette. Stephanie is somewhat of an expert on fractured fairy tales. Her unconventional take on Little red Ridding Hood has brought her multiple four and five star reviews. While not horror in the true sense, this fairy tale is certainly not for kids. It mixes classic elements with romance, mystery and a little bit of intrigue. Take a look:

In the small town of Woodsville, self-assured Ruby Hood becomes tangled in more than traditional teenage angst. With the Homecoming Dance looming, everything at Woodsville High appears normal, but things are not as they seem. Ruby meets a cute boy with a lopsided grin, Dylan Hunter. She flirts shamelessly with the football star, Kent Wolf, and finds herself in a barrage of harsh verbal altercations with his stunning yet wicked sister, Kayla Wolf. Thankfully, she finds solace in her friend, Lilly Fair. Through a series of odd and painful events, Ruby discovers her true calling and the responsibilities that come with her new power and position. Despite her heartache and sorrow, will Ruby find the inner strength not only to protect herself, but also to keep the Wood safe at all cost?

Stephanie is following up with the second book in the series, The Twistedly True Guardian Tale, and has a few  other projects up her sleeve. She is one busy woman, but I was luck enough to get her to answer my seven questions on horror and paranormal writing. She gives us another great perspective.

Me:     How did you get interested in writing in the paranormal/horror genre? And who was your biggest influence.

Stephanie: I’m not sure exactly. I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal, as reader, writer or watcher (TV/movies). I love magic and the paranormal, mostly because there are no rules when writing. I can be as creative as I want. I have a very active imagination and writing allows me to express that. Plus, whenever I write myself into a corner I can always make something up to get out!  J.K. Rowling and Charlaine Harris are two of my big idols. I have read and reread their work countless times, and I consider them avid influences in my writing career, but then I also loved Buffy and Angel in my early 20’s, so I see parallels in my characters from many different venues. There is nothing worse than thinking up an ‘awesomely unique idea’ only to realize, it’s already been done by one of the greats! J

Me:    Tell us about your current protect/projects.

 The second Ruby Hood, “The Twistedly True GUARDIAN Tale”, is simmering, so to speak. She just got back from the editor, and I haven’t laid eyes on her in over 2 months, so I’m chomping at the bit for a slice of time to reconnect with the story! In this tale, we follow Ruby as she adjusts to being a Guardian. Just when she’s on the brink of some peace and chance to connect with Kent, Ivy Snow and some crazy dwarves show up in an RV. Their mystical dilemma requires Ruby’s special Guardian-ness, even thought she has no idea what to do with seven men turned into dwarves over night. Then I added a dash of Knox Hood, followed closely by his merry men, and a bit of evil twistedness. It was tremendous fun to write, and it is the perfect segway into the third book, which I think will be the final installment in this series. I hope to have the second book out in time for the holidays, with the third coming out over the summer. Then I have plans for a spin-off series, so I’m excited to see where it all goes.

Me:    Have you ever had a character just take over? Like have they invaded your mind so much you can’t stop thinking about them.

Stephanie: All the time. It’s terrible and I feel like I’m batshit crazy. In fact, I can sleep the day away, dream about the story, then write all night. Of course, this only works in the summer, when I’m off. Of course, characters have zero reference of time, so they tend to creep in more-so during the school/winter months, usually when I’m swamped. With little time to expel the story, the character(s) just swirl and whirl and shout in my head. It’s maddening, but I love it!

Me:   Characters you would like to go back and explore more. Who and why.

Stephanie: My darling, Nolia Williams. She is the fabulous little heroine in my story, Duality, and the very first character I ever created. In fact, she tends to flitter in and out of many of my stories, but she actually has a novel all her own. It’s a mess, but it’s GOOD. It just needs A LOT of work. Nolia and her boyfriend, Caine, show up in the 3rd Ruby Hood, as my version of Beauty and the Beast. She’s actually the main character in my spin off series, and I’m anxious to reconnecting with her.

Me:     How far would you go for a scare? Is there anything that’s off limits to you? (Like I make it a personal rule to not write about kids or animals being harmed. Anything else is fair game.)

 Stephanie: As more of a paranormal writer, my scare is more ‘sad, fateful’ scary than ‘crazy lunatic killer’ scary, so I understand tragedy strikes, and bad things happen to good people. I have killed animals and teenagers, but not in a gruesome horror manner, more in a tragic-moving-the-story-forward manner. And I’m certainly not maiming and/or defiling children and/or animals for kicks, by any means!

Me:    Scariest movie you ever saw. If one did scare you….

 Stephanie: Pretty much any movie based on a Stephen King movie. He terrifies the shit out of me. But in all honesty, I’m a big horror movie wuss. I can’t watch them alone, at night, in the dark, or the boogie man will get me! Seriously, my already active imagination needs nothing to stir it into a terrifying frenzy.

Me:     Favorite classic horror story…

Stephanie: Young Frankenstein…Laurel and Hardy…hahaha! Ok, seriously, I would have to say The Sixth Sense. I’m not even sure if that is considered ‘classic horror’, but I LOVED the surprise ending. A twisted, jaw-dropping ending is my all time favorite and I’m a sucker for it EVERY time. I only hope I can emulate that in my writing.

 I love Stephanie, she is so honest, real and down to earth. And she is a fellow Buffy fan! Come on who doesn't love Buffy? ;)
Stephanie Gave us another great treat in the spirit of Halloween, an expert from her new book The Twistedly True Guardian Tale. Enjoy:

 “The Twistedly True GUARDIAN Tale”

“I’m Ivy… Ivy Snow.” The young woman reached across the oval coffee table and shook Ruby’s hand. The air stood still and Ruby understood. Ivy was here for help. Ruby knew they would probably need each other in the near future. Their paths were meant to cross. Just as Ruby opened her mouth to speak, she sighed and rolled her eyes instead.

“RUBY! I’m here! I won’t let them get you!” Ruby’s Huntsman shouted from the distance.

She had sensed him before he uttered a word. Standing up, she looked out the window and shook her head. He wasn’t even supposed to be in town, let alone running and screaming through the Wood. Ruby mentally followed his path. Another few feet and he’d fall into the purple blooming thorn bushes Ruby strategically placed as traps throughout the Wood. She liked the idea of a deterrent around her house, but she had just done it last night.

They heard a THUMP. Ruby’s shoulder quivered and Ivy sat up straighter, now peering over the window sill behind her.

Holding her hand to her mouth, Ruby chuckled. “Excuse me, Ivy. It seems you and I have a lot to discuss, but I’ll be back in just a moment.”

Ruby walked to the front door and stepped out onto the porch. Several giggles escaped her when she took in the scene before her. Completely encased in lavender petals and spiky thorns, Ruby’s Huntsman, Dylan Hunter, stood at the edge of the clearing. His shaggy hair fell into his eyes, as she stood spread eagle with a hatchet in hand. His green eyes sparkled, but Ruby wasn’t sure if it was because he was about to laugh or to cry.

“OUCH! Ruby! What’s going on?” Dylan shouted as he stuck to the bush, immobilized. “Come on! Don’t just stand there! Get out here and help me! There is a weird group of people in a bus at the edge of the Wood.”

Image of Stephanie GreenhalghEven though she currently lives in Las Vegas, Stephanie Greenhalgh is a Midwestern girl through and through. As an avid reader and learner, literature and school are more of a passion than a hobby. This two time UNLV graduate has four published short stories: "Betula's Angst", "Duality", "Angel 101", and "The Twistedly True Nightmare of Ruby Hood", all featured in anthologies. Her first novel, "The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood", was released in October 2013. And her first self publication, "If the Silver Slippers Fit..." debuted January 2014.

You can find her here:


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