Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch The World Burn.... Questions and Answers With Amber White

A while back I had the pleasure of meeting Amber White and reading her book Tonight The Word Dies. In that book we were introduced to a group of friends running to stay alive in the midst of a zombie takeover. One night the main character questions all she knows about the zombies, and if they have been killing mindless creatures, or have they been committing murder, killing those trapped in an existence they didn't choose. It was a great take on the zombie genre, one fresh with morality questions that didn't preach, just made you think.

Now Amber is back with a prequel to her novel. In Watch The World Burn we find out just how these kids got where they are, what happened to start the apocalypse in motion, and the sacrifices that were made.

Zombies are all the buzz right now. We can't continue our month look at horror without visiting them, and what makes them unique. If you are going to write about zombies you need to make them your own. You have to be original, and you have to keep the readers interest. Amber White does just that.

I had a chance to interview Amber and talk some about her foray into horror. Take a look:


So I've been asking everyone, and the answers are pretty varied, how did you get interested in writing in the paranormal/horror genre? And who was your biggest influence.

Amber: I’ve always been into the paranormal/horror genre. I started watching horror movies as a small child, and when I started writing, my mind naturally went there. I don’t really have a single authorly influence in my writing. If anyone, it’s J.K. Rowling, who sparked my imagination like no one else, even if she’s not in the genre.

What do you have going on now besides Watch The World Burn, which is fantastic by the way.

Amber: I’m currently finishing up a story I’ve been writing for a friend. It’s about a werewolf, a vampire, and a demon who team up to hunt down and kill other monsters.


     Have you ever had a character just take over? Like have they invaded your mind so much you can’t stop thinking about them.

I have! With most of my novels, the main character tends to take over and tell me where they want the story to go. They get more vocal and pushy if they want the story to end differently than what I imagined.

Another loaded question,  Characters you would like to go back and explore more. Who and why.

Amber: Jade from my first dystopian/horror novel. She’s very strong and quick to adapt. She’s exactly the kind of character that can take over and tell me her story day after day.

      How far would you go for a scare? Is there anything that’s off limits to you? (Like I make it a personal rule to not write about kids or animals being harmed. Anything else is fair game.)

I don’t really like hurting animals in stories, but anything is fine so long as it’s done tastefully. I’m not against going farther than most people to freak out my readers.
    Scariest movie you ever saw. If one did scare you….

Movies don’t really scare me. I actually love the ‘gross out’ factor of most of them. In fact, most movies that really scare other people just make me laugh.

      Favorite classic horror story…

Amber: Dracula. Hands down. I love a good vampire story.
Thanks Amber. I too am a total Dracula fan. (Hands down Bram Stoker all the way.) As you can see, Amber White is showing the world that woman can write killer horror stories too. Read on for an excerpt from Watch The World Burn ......
The four of us squeezed together on the couch, sweating and tired, to watch a bit of TV before dinner was ready. I turned the set on and flipped through the channels, stopping when I saw a news broadcast. A reporter was standing in front of a hospital a few towns over.
“The patient had been admitted to the hospital with an unknown infection. While in the doctor’s care, sources say the patient became increasingly deranged and angered before finally attacking the nurse attending to him, biting her hand and removing a chunk of flesh. It is still unknown what caused this outburst, or what the patient was sick with, but sources do say the nurse that was attacked is being treated for her wound, and is being monitored overnight for possible signs of a similar infection.” The reporter said into her microphone.
“Somebody’s been watching Night of the Living Dead a little too much.” Billie laughed.
“Or they have rabies.” I said.
“What? Like Cujo?” Billie asked.
“Not everything can be related to horror movies.” I said. “But yes, a bit like Cujo.”
“You kids need to go get washed up for dinner!” My mom called from the kitchen.
“Okay Ma’.” I called back.
“Second time this month,” My dad mumbled, coming down the hall.
“Dad?” I asked.
“Yes?” He said.
“What was the second time this month?”
“An attack like what they just said on the news.”
“There was another one?” I asked.
“Last week. In New York.” He answered.
“Do they know what’s causing this?”
“They won’t say. Government cover-up if I ever saw one.” He said and walked into the kitchen.
“Your dad OK?” Sully whispered behind me.
“He’s fine. He’s just concerned over what’s been going on.” I whispered back.

About Amber White:
Born and raised in California, Amber started showing a taste for all things horror and grim at the age of two, when she watched her first horror movie. She also developed a fondness for creating her own stories early on, and the combination of the two seemed only natural. Amber now lives in Northern California with her family and two hell hounds.
You can find Amber on Amazon and find her latest release Watch The World Burn on Smashwords


  1. Another great author on your blog, Rebecca! I love how Amber allows the characters dictate the story even if it does not go as she expected. That's what I do as well. She looks like a Woman In Horror to me for sure!


    1. She definitely would be a perfect Woman in Horror Blaze ;)