Sunday, January 25, 2015

Poetry From The Heart and Soul.....
I recently has the privilege of working with Chasity Conley on her spectacular poetry book, The Shy Poet Emerges. Chasity is a very talented multi genre author spanning children's literature (Erika The Puppy Series), horror, craft books, a couple successful blogs,  two highly popular Facebook Pages, (Damit Jim, I'm a Mom Not A Doctor and The Shy Poet) and now poetry.

In fact within days of her book going live on Kindle, she had reached the top spot for woman authors, and poetry books, making her book a best seller in a paid category. (If you are an author, you know how spectacular this is!)

As I said in my introduction to her book, Chasity has the ability to make poetry relatable and reachable in everyday life. Her emotion pours through the pages, into your heart and soul, and makes you think. Everyday struggles we all face, and some challenges that are unique, she takes them and transforms them into pure, magical bliss. One review said on Facebook that she overtook Robert Frost as her favorite poet. It doesn't get any better than that.

Chasity is a remarkable woman, with strength and compassion that comes from adversity. Her story is one of pain and redemption, all told through amazing poetry. I am privileged and honored to have her for a friend, and urge you to check out her amazing book.

In fact, the first person to comment, on this post, with their email address, will get a free eBook of The Shy Poet Emerges. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Follow Chasity Conley on Facebook by clicking the links above. And check out this sample from the book:

I can feel you slipping away,

And I can't pull you back to me.

I can see that look in your eyes,

As you drift away in the dark sea.


I can feel the tension in the air,

Of all the things left unspoken.

I can see the sadness in your eyes,

And it's left you feeling broken.


I can feel your pain just as you do,

As if it were my very own.

I can feel the emptiness you feel,

But you are not alone.


You have me,

Just as you always have.

My hand is here, reaching out..

All you must do is grab.

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