Monday, March 2, 2015

Short Story Review: Carnal Justice by Quinn Cullen
No one helped Kate when she was young and vulnerable. Not one person was brought to justice for crimes committed against her. Molested and forced into cannibalism, years later, Kate, along with a few trusted friends, lend a new meaning to the word ‘justice’. Thanks to Kate, pedophiles and rapists, are tried, convicted, and executed, never escaping her ‘Carnal Justice’.
This story starts off strong right out of the gate and stays that way. We meet Kate, an aspiring 'actress' and her boyfriend Danny. They are hot in bed together, on screen and off, and we learn right then and there, Kate is a force to be reckoned with. It hooks you and makes you want to see what Kate has up her sleeve. And you better hang on for the ride.
Quinn has woven a masterful and vicious take on the eye for an eye concept. Kate's form of justice boarders on the insane, but her friends can't argue with her logic. How far would you go? And who's to blame for Kate's form of justice? This story shocked me, and took me to the edge of humanity. I'm impressed that Cullen had the guts to go where few authors tread. For the true nature of horror lies within the tortured soul of Kate. I love strong female leads, and they are few and far between in the horror genre. Especially as the main protagonist. Instead of having Kate as the damsel in distress, we have her as the one calling the shots and inflicting the pain. And it makes for one hell of a bloody and captivating tale.
I give this story a solid four and a half stars, just because I think it could have gone longer. (Or maybe I just didn't want it to end) Well developed, well edited, and it certainly elicits a range of emotions you would normally get from a much longer tale. This story is not for the faint of heart. And certainly not for anyone under the age of eighteen. If you're up for a bone chilling tale that stays with you long after you read the last line, pick up Carnal Justice.
About the Author:
Quinn Cullen is a multi-genre author. Her writing includes paranormal romance, erotica, horror and poetry. A long time New England resident, Quinn feels fortunate to be living in an area that affords her the privilege of all four seasons, enjoying the fringe benefits of the different climates that each one has to offer. In awe of its overwhelming brute force and mystique, Quinn's favorite place on this wonderful earth is by the ocean


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    1. You are more than welcome :) It was fantastic!

  2. Super review for a super book!