Monday, January 11, 2016

Blogging Got Me Into This.....


It's sad that I have neglected my blog these last six to eight months. Besides reading, and on line reading groups, blogging was the main factor in growing my writing career and reader base.
         It was here that I first started to publish Hunting The Moon, chapter by chapter, to the world. It was here I reviewed other books that connected me to countless bloggers, reviews, and publishers. All connections that led to my own work being published. It was here I sharpened my writing skills.
          It's here I met a very important woman, and friend, who turned into the greatest writing partner ever. Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft. Together we have navigated the last few years of highs and lows. Even branching out and publishing together, under our own terms. It's true, blogging has been my jumping point. Without it, I never would have gotten as far as I have.
           So why have I been neglecting my blog?
           I can tell you it's time constraints, family obligations, depression, big green aliens from Mars coming down and kidnaping me. You don't care. The truth of it is blogging got me into this, hopefully my lack of blogging over the last half a year won't get me out.

          Part of my new outlook this year is to be thankful for the gifts I have, and to take care of my self. I am happiest when I am writing and blogging, so the main goal of that outlook is to write every day. Every. Damn. Day. Whether dishes get washed, messes get picked up, laundry gets folded, or not, I will write.
           The other part of my goal is to release, in the very least, two books this year. Evasion my post pandemic thriller, and Celtic Goddess, the last book in the Moon Series. I am also content editing and formatting for Jamie Sue and Chasity Conley. Together we are trying to establish our own little company. We might be small, but our books will be getting out there on our terms. We are striving for quality and friendship in our books. And I am hoping above all else we have some success.

         Sitting and wishing will not get me far. Sitting and worrying over huge maybe's won't get me far. Letting myself be beat down by depression won't get me far. Writing will get me far.

           Enjoy the new look of the blog that will appear over time. Welcome back all my followers. I have missed you. Please come back and try me out again. To my "fan-friends", I love you. If I just write for the ten of you, and you love it, then my life will be complete.

Welcome to 2016

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